Winter 2023 Release notes

Release date: 06.01.2023

In this Winter Release 2023, we welcome some new enhancements for the Modern Equipment module and bring a new Continuous scanning mode to Onix Inspect. Let’s see how magical they are!


[Onix Work] New Properties management

The current properties management has an unfriendly user interface and it is difficult for adding new features in. A whole new properties management is coming with:

  • New and modern user interface
  • Easy-to-use: search or add new properties are much more convenient
  • Introducing CHOICES: easily select between predefined choices
    • Helps in creating convenience while adding property value to your equipment and keeping your data consistent
    • The possibility to input your value alongside CHOICES
  • New System properties with choices

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[Onix Work] Maps came to the Modern Equipment module

  • New and modern user interface
  • Manage your equipment positions
  • Easily set a position for your equipment on the map
  • You can set or delete location of multiple equipments at a time
  • Set your equipment position from active to inactive

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[Onix Work] Quick view for your focus

We combined equipment details and equipment additional info into one section called the Equipment details section in the equipment details panel. This helps you focus on your needed information and improve productivity as empty data fields are hidden by default.

You can see this change in:

  • Select one of your equipment to view the equipment details panel
  • Look for the equipment details panel
  • The empty data fields will be hidden by default
  • You can show those empty fields by clicking Show all fields

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[Onix Work] Send your email with a customizable subject in the Orders module

You can customize the subject of the email from the Order module before sending it to your customers. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Orders module
  • Select the order that has the documents you want to send to your customers
  • Click Send
  • Add your recipient in the Select recipient field
  • Edit the Subject and the Message to your recipients


[Onix Inspect] Continuous scanning for quick inspection

  • Instead of lugging your mobile device around and performing multiple actions just to scan a large number of pieces of equipment, we have a new solution that will greatly improve your experience.
  • In this release, with Onix Inspect, you can add multiple equipment to a Quick Inspection in only one scanning session
  • Set status for all equipment after scanning
  • Easily create new equipment with a Not found tag
  • You can now create a Quick Inspection job in the Job module of Onix Inspect

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[Onix Inspect] Download equipment with a Control Category filter

Onix Inspect users are now can download equipment belonging to some specific Control Categories instead of downloading all equipment to Onix Inspect. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Onix Inspect
  • Download new data to start fresh or go to the Sync module → Download
  • Tap on Control Category → * Select your desired Control Categories to download your equipment that are in those categories


[Onix Work] Companies can prevent others to view their equipment anonymously

Everyone can scan the QR code of your equipment to view its information, but you can limit this possibility using our new setting.
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[Onix Work] Search by Product number in the search bar of the Modern Equipment module

The search bar of the Modern Equipment module will now support search with IDs: Owner ID, Serial/Batch no., Product No.

[Onix Work] Filters will now keep their values after selecting new criteria

Instead of removing all values after you select new criteria, Filters will now keep your values untouched.

[Onix Work] Support group by Managing contact and Managing department

You now can group by Managing Contact and Managing department when using the Table layout