Autumn 2022 Release notes

Release date: 02.12.2022

In this Autumn Release 2022, we welcome the Onix Work version 2.0 with many valuable changes: new account and users concept, privileges and roles, and the best thing is coming: the new Modern Equipment module… many other things awaits you to experience.


[Onix Work] Modern Equipment module


  • 10x faster and smarter Modern Equipment module
  • Clean and easy-to-use user interface
  • Introducing ID: the preferred ID (sometimes Owner’s ID, Serial No., or Batch no.)
  • Views: define columns & filters to streamline the data access for you and your colleagues
  • Advanced filters to help you focus on your necessary data
  • Multi-selection becomes super fast with hotkeys
  • Easily switch between the old Equipment module and the Modern Equipment module

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[Onix Work] The new Account and User concept


  • One account is only allowed to access one organization
  • One account can only be with one organization, or multiple Express companies, but not both at the same time
  • When they accept the invitation to access an organization, they lose all their access to their Express companies and vice versa


  • For users

    • You can work with multiple organizations & multiple Onix Express with just one account
    • Only have to log in one time, then you can access to all the Onix applications
    • Manage your account information such as your name, profile picture, signature, your password, and many more IN ONE PLACE
    • Easy login, better password recovering
    • Easily switch between different Onix Work of different organizations
  • For admins

    • Admins don’t have to update and input any information for their users. Users take full control of their information
    • Organization admins can take control of the members inside of their Onix Work system
    • Administer and control the functions users can access: control where they can perform actions, read information, or see nothing at all
    • Give your authorized users the RIGHT access to the RIGHT functions
    • Instead of managing the privileges of each individual user, admins can divide them into different groups. More convenient
    • One-time setup, full-time control

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[Onix Work] Users & Roles - Use roles to administer user access


  1. Use roles to administer what users can see and do
  2. Add and manage one or many user’s details all at once
  3. Easy to be consistent with similar users
  4. Keep your staffs focus on their work sectors
  5. One-time setup, full-time control!

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Onix Account - One account - multiple organizations

  1. You can work with multiple organizations & multiple Express portals with just one account
  2. Only have to log in one time , then you can access all the Onix applications
  3. Manage your account information such as your name, profile picture, signature, password, and many more IN ONE PLACE

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[Onix Work][Onix Express] Work with multiple organizations

One account can be a user in one or multiple organizations, while still being able to log in to one or multiple Onix Express.
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[Onix Work] Migrate existing users to our predefined roles

  • ROLES are now mandatory for users (and contacts) in Onix Work
  • Therefore in this release, we created some default roles and match existing users (and contacts) to our predefined roles

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[Onix Inspect] Able to back up heavy files, avoid bad data

Upgrade the app to the latest version to:

  • Avoid errors in backing up super heavy files
  • Prevent bad data to happened, smoother data uploading process

[Onix Work] Discarded equipment is now scrapped equipment

Renamed the status Discarded for the equipment with the status Scrapped

[Onix Work] Product rules

  • Before this release, the product rule only applies if the equipment is linked to the product owned by the logged-in company
  • In this release, product rules will be ALWAYS applied. If the equipment owner wants to bypass or custom the rules, they should link their equipment to their product
  • Only applied for the new Equipment module

3. Retired

Onix Inspection retired

Onix Inspection will be retired on 02-12-2022 and will end its support after that date.

Contacts & Users module

Replaced with Users & Roles

Trial concept removed

Onix Work will not support Trial anymore.

Concurrence license removed

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Worker license cannot access anymore

  • The Worker license privileges are changed, you cannot access Onix Work if you are assigned the Worker license.
  • You can only use the Onix Worker application and the Onix Tool Store application instead.

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Add-on license removed

  • Completely removed, no more add-on license
  • Add-ons are now predefined in the main licenses
  • Main licenses: Worker, Inspector, Supplier, Onix Tag Team Member, Equipment Owner, Onix Read-only

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Admins cannot change users information or reset their passwords

  • In this release, everyone manages the account information by themselves, the administrator has no privilege to edit this information.
  • The administrator cannot reset the password of their users. Users need to request forgot password via the Onix login page

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Removed the accepting and denying invitations concept

  • In this release, the user will be added immediately to the organization or Onix Express if they got the access to it
  • There is no need to accept an invitation or deny an invitation

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Removed Put focus on my company

  • The Put focus on my company is removed. This also stops supporting an Express user from signing in directly to
  • From now, Express users MUST log-in using the link provided by your suppliers or inspectors

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