Summer 2 2023 Release notes

Release date: 18.08.2023

On 18 August 2023, the long-awaited Summer 2 Release 2023 will introduce incredible new features and enhancements! Get ready to be thrilled by the powerful updates that can improve your workflow and transform your experience with Onix products.

1. HIGHLIGHTS :fire:

[NEW][Onix Work] View Equipment History to track changes

Experience the game-changer in equipment management:

  • Enhanced transparency: Gain insights into alteration origins and actions.
  • Smarter decisions: Stay informed with a detailed timeline of changes to your equipment.
  • Quick overview: Navigate easily with logical presentation and intuitive filtering functions.

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[NEW][Onix Work] New Checklist designer :fire:

Unlock a new chapter of checklist setup and management with:

  • User-friendly navigation : Enjoy the modern interface and innovative indexing.
  • Simplified process: Create and manage the checklist’s content in fewer clicks.
  • Enhanced organization : Reorder check groups and checkpoints with ease.

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[NEW][Onix Work, Onix Inspect, Onix Worker] Display, filter and edit multiple equipment with specific job intervals :fire:

Enjoy a more efficient workflow empowered by:

  • Flexible tracking: Select and view job intervals as display fields on the equipment list.
  • Enhanced filtering: Customize equipment list view based on specific intervals.
  • Time-saving process: Edit job intervals for multiple equipment at one time, reducing manual effort.
  • Effortless insights: View dashboards of equipment with specific job intervals.

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[NEW] Choose statuses that can be selected when filling in checkpoints

Elevate the convenience and precision of inspection jobs by defining specific severity statuses for each checkpoint.

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[NEW] Open API platform - New endpoints for Orders and Products

Enjoy higher flexibility and simpler transaction processes, as all current APIs have been successfully transitioned to Open API and new Transfer Order and Transfer Product endpoints are arriving.

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[ENHANCED] Allow deleting checklists and checkpoints :fire:

Remove inappropriate items for efficient and effective checklist management.
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[ENHANCED] Quickly link/unlink base documents to products :fire:

Ensure accurate and up-to-date documentation of products in fewer clicks and a more intuitive process in the Settings module.
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[ENHANCED] Preview a base document while editing

Accurately update a document’s information with a side-by-side preview in Orders, Products and Settings modules. Here’s how:

  • In the base documents list view, select the needed item —> click on Edit.
  • In the pop-up panel, make changes to suitable fields.
  • Click on Expand to preview for convenience when filling in information.

[ENHANCED] Group and edit multiple base documents at once

Stay organized and enjoy a simplifed document management workflow in Orders, Products and Settings modules. Go to Orders/Products/Settings module, in the Table layout of base documents:

  • Group: Click on a column’s header to group base documents by that field.


  • Edit information of multiple base documents: Select the wanted items —> Edit all —> Make changes to suitable fields.


[ENHANCED] New sorting options for documents in an order

Find and manage documents precisely by listing files per order line or document type.
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[ENHANCED] Redesigned interface of Select Product panel

Discover a fresh and user-friendly Select Product panel, now aligned with the modern design of Modern Equipment module.

  • An intuitive table layout that is consistent with other list views in Onix Work.
  • Enhanced actions to ease your product selection process:
    • Search box.
    • Sorting options based on the columns.
    • Filter options to refine your product list.


  • Equipment module: When you link an equipment to a product.
  • Settings module: When you link a checklist with products.

[ENHANCED] Keep inactive status of equipment after filing jobs

Maintain current status to ensure accurate records of equipment’s usage and inspection history.
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[ENHANCED] Display and filter equipment with fields related to Onix Tool Store

Easily access relevant information to your needs for increased efficiency in equipment management.
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[ENHANCED] Choose your preferred equipment list layout for all views

Ensure a tailored data presentation that perfectly matches your needs and optimizes overall workflow.
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[ENHANCED] Display documents for both main and sub equipment

Access documents with ease, ensuring comprehensive information at your fingertips with expanded actions in the Documents tab of sub equipment. The Documents tab of a sub equipment is now identical to that of other equipment types. This improvement allows you to:

  • View documents associated with your sub equipment.
  • Edit and update documents for sub equipment just like you would for other equipment.
  • Add new documents to sub equipment, enhancing your documentation process.


[ENHANCED] Improve Print Equipment To PDF report

Enhanced your experience with the feature’s refined easier-to-read interface, as the Print Equipment List to PDF report has a bigger font size in the preview printable screen. We hope that this small update helps prevent errors and ensures clearer equipment information for your convenience.

[ENHANCED] Remember layout selection of QR Codes reports

Experience an impactful enhancement which brings convenient and smooth reports generation. In the Equipment module, reports that generate QR codes have been upgraded to remember your layout selection. Now, you can swiftly generate QR Codes reports with your preferred layout, saving time and ensuring consistency.


[ENHANCED] Click on equipment’s thumbnail to open Pictures

Instantly access an equipment’s Pictures tab by clicking on the thumbnail photo. Simple open an equipment, click on its thumbnail and be directed to the Pictures panel with the default image appearing upfront.


[ENHANCED] For Admins - Force login with Microsoft and Group Claims with Azure Active Directory

Boost productivity thanks to automatic navigation of your users’ login and synchronized access between Azure Active Directory and Onix platforms.
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[RETIRED] Old Equipment module

Explore the sleek and advanced Modern Equipment module before 18 August 2023.
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[RETIRED] Checklist setting in System setup

Instead of a single default set of severity statuses applied across all checklists, try customizing the statuses per checkpoints in the new Checklist designer. Previously, this Checklist Setting in Settings module - System setup - Delivery and job allowed you to exclude unused statuses from ALL checklists. However, the new Checklist designer has now become a more intuitive solution as you can customize the setting for individual checklists. See more information at How to create and set up Checklists - Select statuses that will be applied during jobs article.

Therefore, the Checklist Setting section will be permanently removed from Onix Work system.

NO ACTION NEEDED: The setting of your company’s current checklists will not be affected.

[RETIRED] Notes feature

Use Issues and Comments of equipment as alternatives to store data.
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[ENHANCED] Select your own display fields in the equipment list :fire:

Tailor your view to quickly view and access relevant information for boosted performance.
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[ENHANCED] Sort equipment list with more options

Gain greater control and organization with a wide range of dynamic sorting options.
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[ENHANCED] Display and filter equipment with fields related to Onix Tool Store

Easily access relevant information to your needs for increased efficiency in equipment management.
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[ENHANCED] Perform first-time setup and company switch by yourself

Empower your independence and control with the new setup process. Users who have Manage Onix Tool Store privilege are allowed to switch companies and perform initial setup, saving time and increasing flexibility.

First-time setup in the Settings module includes:

  • Choose the correct company if you have accounts in multiple companies. You can always switch to another company as long as your Manage Onix Tool Store privilege remains ON.
  • Choose the Location (required) and Area (optional).


[ENHANCED] Remember the last identification method when checkout

Check out with convenience, eliminating the manual effort of selecting a suitable identification method. You no longer have to re-select suitable identification method (Employee ID, Email, Phone number ) for Checkout and Manage Users modules. This enhancement aims at reducing manual efforts and increasing your convenience.


[ENHANCED] Adjusted privilege for secure user management

Elevate your security control with privilege adjustments which ensure a safer system environment: Only users with Manage Onix Tool Store privilege can view or edit information in Manage users and Settings modules.

[ENHANCED] Display Mandatory due date when checkout

Be well-informed of important timings and plan equipment usage effectively with improved visibility of Mandatory due dates. When going to the Checkout module and adding an equipment to list, you can view its Mandatory due date if any. This enhancement is designed to assist your planning of equipment usage and ensure proactive management of inspection jobs.


[ENHANCED] Click to open Equipment detail in Onix Work

When adding an equipment to list in Onix Tool Store’s Checkout module, you can easily click to open the Equipment detail section in Onix Work. This makes it simpler to enhance equipment management access complete information.


6. [RETIRED] Onix Source

Experience more efficient documents handling with recent updates to Base documents management in Onix Work’s Orders, Products and Settings modules.
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