Spring 2022 Release notes

Release date: 21.01.2021.

We are really excited to tell you that on Friday, January 21st 2021, the latest versions of Onix Work and Onix Inspect will be rolled out. Read the highlights below!

1. Onix Work

Introduce Project

Project is designed to help group equipment for a specific purpose.

Specifically, as an equipment owner, you can proactively create a project that contains equipment needed to be inspected. It also works the other way around that the inspectors - whose companies have connected to yours - can proactively use project to prepare their scope of work or manage maintainence campaign with your company

You can find Projects in these following places:

  • Settings > Projects: this is where you create and manage all the projects of your own company
  • Companies > Projects: this is where you can find the projects of companies that you have connected to.

Add documents and pictures with drag and drop

This idea has been registered by many user, so we’re excited to bring it to you. Besides browsing, you are able to add a file or picture by dragging and dropping it in Onix Work.


Link checklist to product

Besides equipment and control category, you are able to link checklist to product. After being linked, the checklist will be suggested as default when performing inspections in Onix Work, Onix Worker and Onix Inspect.

Also, the Checklist screen has been designed in order to give you an overview of which Control Categories, Products and Equipment this checklist is being linked to. You can remove the selected checklist from being linked or set it as default for one or multiple control categories, products and equipment.


  • The checklist will be available for all equipment if it is not linked to any control category, product and specific equipment. To limit its availability, please link it to specific control categories, products or equipment.
  • Make sure you activate the checklist when it is ready for use

Add new alerts for due equipment per job class

In this release, Onix Work has added more alerts for personal and favorite equipment. This helps you up-to-date with the due equipment that needs further actions. You can subscribe one or multiple alerts that are relevant to your work routine.

Away from the current alert - personal equipment due for mandatory equipment , the new ones implemented in this release are:

  • Personal equipment due for preventive maintenance
  • Personal equipment due for operator maintenance
  • Favorite equipment due for mandatory inspection
  • Favorite equipment due for preventive maintenance
  • Favorite equipment due for operator maintenance

Implement enhancements for picture

Beside drag and drop, the picture component has been improved with these following items

  • Keep the quality and dimension of pictures uploaded to Onix Work
  • Implement pictures viewer that enables you to perform certain actions while viewing a picture.
  • Implement picture thumbnail dialog so that you can see a list of pictures for a/an equipment, checkpoint or issue

Open items in top navigation in a new tab

Understanding that there are situations that you need to open multiple tabs in Onix Work for reference, the behavior of opening a module in a new tab is supported. To open a module in a new tab, you can follow one of the following ways

  • Hold Ctrl in your keyboard and click the module in the top navigation
  • Right click the module → select Open in a new tab

Enable “Job verifier” privilege for contacts

We have performed a minor change in the way job verifier works. Since this release, the Job verifier privilege can be granted to contacts and users in your company without any license required.


Update instruction texts in Dashboard and Properties dialog

  • In Dashboard, the instruction is added on the top left corner to encourage you to refresh the dashboard to see the latest data.

Update instruction texts in Dashboard and Properties dialog

  • In Dashboard, the instruction is added on the top left corner to encourage you to refresh the dashboard to see the latest data.

  • In Properties dialog, the instruction is rephrased and placed on top. By this instruction, we want to promote the usage of system properties to ensure they are consistent across equipment and companies when the data is shared.



Edit picture

With the photo editor implemented in Onix Inspect, you are now able to mark the issues or areas in the pictures that needs attention. In this version of the editor, you can easily highlight them using different drawing tools (pens, rectangles, circles, arrows) with configurable colors and width.

Other non-drawing actions supported are Crop, Rotate and Zoom.


Allow checkpoints to be solved before archiving the job

Based on some feedback from inspector companies that the issues generated from a checkpoint can be fixed while inspecting the equipment, you are now able to mark a checkpoint - whose status is NC, RC or C as solved and specify a solution before archiving the job. Once the job is archived, checkpoints solved during inspection still generate issues and mark them as solved. These solved checkpoints are recognizable in documents (if any) by having a checked icon.

This feature is supported in Onix Work, Onix Inspect and Onix Worker.

Display solution dialog when solving or dropping an issue

Based on each company’s protocol, it can be essential to register the solution of an issue, even when the issue itself is solved for further reference. Therefore, whenever the issue is marked as Solved or Dropped, the solution dialog will be displayed - and it is only mandatory when dropping the issue.


This is applied when handling issues in Onix Work, Onix Inspect and Onix Worker

New control categories PCO and PPC

Based on the needs of some companies that want to classify portable containers as a new control category, two new control categories are introduced in this release are

  • PCO - Portable Containers (vessels, tanks, cylinders)
  • PPO - Portable Pressurized Containers (vessels, tanks, cylinders)

Introduce new system properties for Ex Inspection

To support Ex inspection and follow the ATEX Directive & IECEx scheme, we have implemented new system properties as below:

  • Ex class
  • ATEX Marking
  • Gas/dust group
  • Temperature class
  • Equipment protection level (EPL)
  • IP rating
  • Ex zone


Supported iOS versions

Please be informed that our support limited to the two most recent major version of iOS. This means when a major version of iOS is released, for example iOS 15, the supported version is the latest version and the one that precedes it.