Autumn 2021 Release notes

Release date: 27.08.2021

We are really excited to tell you that on August 2021 , a brand new app that better supports inspectors continuing their great jobs has been released. With a new, cleaner and much simpler interface, we proudly call it Onix Inspect - which brings a breath of fresh air to user experience and provide a more streamlined way of inspection.


Review downloaded scope with Home

It’s useful for inspectors know what and when data has been downloaded previously in the beginning to start or during the work. By having these information visible on Home, inspectors can easily check if their data and settings are up-to-date and decide the next steps. Additionally, they can get their jobs uploaded in a simple click if there is any.

Data Synchronization with Sync Module

The download and upload feature (previously available in Customers and Review Inspections tile in Onix Inspection) has been redesigned and merged into the Sync module. By using this, you can

  • Download and review downloaded data scope
  • Review default settings and control categories permission
  • Review the pending items that haven’t been uploaded yet
  • Check the upload history

Simplified navigation

“Simpler is better” - we have given our best shot to redesign the navigation across the app. Let’s start with the navigation bar, all icons have been replaced by a collection of user-friendly ones, leaving no chance for mistakes.


Inspired by the success of Onix Worker, we have redesigned the navigation insides each module using the same layout. When opening an equipment, jobs or issues, you can easily find its related items.


New gestures: Swipe and Press

Similar to Onix Worker, now you can swipe in from the right to left of the screen on equipment module to pull up the equipment’s menu. Away from that, press and hold for a few sec to enter multiple selection mode.

List views and advanced search

This implementation of advanced search combined with list views makes sure that you’re seeing the most relevant items. You can easily switch among these view by clicking image next to the view name, then click image to use Search this view function.

Keep track of checklist and checkpoints

It’s now easier than ever to know if you have missed any checkpoint in your lengthy checklists. By having the completed percentage displayed in the checklist section and the number of checkpoints completed in each check group, you can easily catch up within a glance.


Manage equipment

The previous Manage Equipment tile in Onix Inspection is now Equipment module in Onix Inspect - which comes with an intuitive design while keeping most of the functionalities.
List views implementation enables viewing all the equipment that filtered by certain conditions. You can decide which view is best useful to pin by default. Make sure to take advantage of views, advanced search, scan and gestures to find the relevant equipment to add to a job.

Manage inspections with Jobs and Issues Module

Finally, Jobs module has arrived in Onix Inspect to help you keep your work under control. With friendly interface and features inherited from Equipment, you can take advantages of views and search filter to see the relevant jobs. In addition to that, you can decide if a job should be filed or be informed if there is any reason get in the way.

Inspired from Onix Work and Onix Worker, with the arrival of Issues module, you are able to keep track of all issues in a separated screen. All open issues of equipment would be available in Onix Inspect and ready for the next steps.


New control category: AMD and ROV

In accordance with the Regulation 2017-06-21-907 on amusement devices issued by Norwegian Railway Authority, which requires amusement devices to have a safety level according to international standards to be allowed used of the public. Onix dedicated a new Control Category named AMD for all users.

Also, to comply with NORSOK Standard U-102 for remotedly operated devices, Onix has implemented ROV as a new control category.

Both control categories can be found in Settings, inside Control Category “XX”.

Updated caption: Procedure and Form properties

Since this release, we have made a little change in some captions.

  • In Forms, the caption Test results is replaced by Form properties.
  • In Checklist/checkpoints, the caption Extended procedure is replaced by Procedure

Change file storage of Onix platform

In this release we change the file storage of Onix platform from on-premise server to Microsoft Azure. This make our file storage more secure and better performance. This is the big change that require an upgrade to Onix Work and all of other applications / services in the platform.


Refresh license when changing devices

In this release, we introduce a new rule to ensure that user can use only ONE device at a time.

In Onix Inspect, when you download or upload data in a new device, you need to confirm that any ongoing data on the other devices become invalid to upload. Once you agree to proceed, you can only upload from your latest device.

End of Support Notice for Android Version 4.4 and lower

Please be informed that we are increasing our minimum supported Android version to 5.0 as the basic requirement. We will cease support for devices running on Android 4.4 and below. They are no longer able to install Onix Inspect from Google Play.

Features retired or not available yet in Onix Inspect

Retired feature
These features are no longer available in Onix Inspect

  • Mix Inspection
  • Write EPC code to tag

Not available yet
These features are not available in this release, but they may be considered to be introduced in the upcoming release.

  • Download and view equipment’s document in offline mode
  • Copy equipment
  • Get geography and tag position
  • Add picture for multiple equipment

Supported scanners in Onix Inspect

  • A wide range of scanners that support HID standard (Human interface devices)
  • Blueberry HS UHF scanners: These scanners must be configured to HID profile. We will release a standalone Window application and instruction on how to configure them properly.
  • Icekey UHF, Blueberry IS UHF and other scanners that don’t have HID profile built-in: Since this release, scanners without HID profile built-in are not supported in Onix Inspect, If you find it necessary to use these scanners, please drop us a line in Onix Community.


  • ​​​​​Issues with notification email (email not received, missing or redundant records) when inspection completed or uploaded