Summer 1 2023 Release note

Release date: 9.6.2023

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to introduce the Summer 1 Release 2023 which is coming to life on June 9, 2023. Prepare yourself for a range of powerful new features and enhancements that will undoubtedly redefine your experience!

1. HIGHLIGHTS :fire:

[NEW][Onix Work] Upgraded Checklists: New design and features :fire:

  • User-friendly design: Enjoy a modernized and intuitive interface.
  • Boosted productivity: Easily create, organize and find checklists.
  • Seamless collaboration: Effortlessly share checklists with your partners.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Avoid unwanted errors in checklist design and management.

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[NEW][Onix Work] Simpler Documents management in Orders and Products :fire:

  • Exclude product documents: Choose which documents are processed in your order line.
  • Enhanced tracking: Documents’ origins are transparently displayed.
  • User-friendly interface: More informative display and easy access to essential functions.
  • Efficient management: Save time and effort with new filters, sorting and grouping functions.

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[NEW][Onix Work] Full Reports in Modern Equipment module :fire:

  • Accessibility: Find all Reports functions within the Modern Equipment module.
  • Documentation: Generate lists and reports with various customizing options.
  • Efficiency: Easily track equipment and associated information.

Available Reports in the Modern Equipment module:

  • Equipment list to CSV
  • Equipment list to PDF
  • Document list to PDF
  • Rental history
  • QR codes per equipment
  • QR codes per lcoation
  • QR codes per area
  • QR codes without linked equipment

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[NEW][Onix Inspect] Optimized inspection tracking & progress :fire:

  • Efficient tracking: Easily monitor previous inspection jobs of the equipment.
  • Synced data: Keep inspection information up-to-date accross devices and platforms.
  • High clarity: Stay informed about equipment’s inspection statuses.
  • Reduced errors: Ensure all required equipment is inspected.

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[ENHANCED] Process multiple order lines :fire:

Effortlessly handle multiple order lines in a single click, optimizing your productivity.
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[ENHANCED] Filter equipment faster with more options

Increase work efficiency as new filtering options enable a quick and hassle-free equipment search process.

  • Filter values are remembered: eliminating the need to re-customize filters when you return to the Modern Equipment module, increasing your work’s convenience and productivity.
  • Filter multiple Equipment Owners: View equipment from more than one Owner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you are filtering out multiple owners, the Location, Area, Contact and Projects sub-criteria will be disabled. You can only enable them again by limiting your filter option to one owner.

  • New “Logged in company” option: appearing at the top of relevant filter criteria, this option saves you time and effort navigating the company list.
  • New “My control categories” option: save time and effort when selecting the control categories that you are assigned to.
  • New “No date” option: applicable for date-based criteria, including Final expiry date, Certif. Date, Job date, Created date and Modified date .

[ENHANCED] Use keyboard buttons to select and navigate

Effortlessly navigate and make selections with intuitive keyboard controls, enhancing your user experience. You can utilize this enhancement to select your desired filter items in:

  • The Filter panel of any view.
  • The Filter section in Create new view feature.
  • The Filter section in Edit current view feature.

Here’s how:

  • Navigate buttons: Use the Tab key to switch to the next button.


  • Navigate a list of items: Use the Arrow keys (Up :arrow_up: and Down :arrow_down:) to move through the items.


  • Toggle checkbox selection: Use the Spacebar key to toggle the checkbox on/off.


  • Apply the filter: Use the Enter key instead of the Apply or Save buttons.
  • Quick panel closure: Use the Esc key to instantly dismiss a panel.




[ENHANCED] Add and edit texts in photos :fire:

Deliver more information in your photos and boost work efficiency with customizable text overlays.
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[ENHANCED] Filter equipment faster with more options

Save time and effort when refining your equipment searches becomes faster than ever at the arrival of advanced filtering choices.
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[ENHANCED] Display Created and Modified information

Improve data tracking with clear visibility of created and modified detailsin the following places:

  • Equipment module: Open an equipment —> See the Equipment details section.
  • Issues module: Open an issue —> See the Issue details section.
  • Jobs module: Open a job —> See the Job details section.



[ENHANCED] Add and edit texts in photos :fire:

Elevate work collaboration and productivity by customizing texts in your photos.
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[ENHANCED] Filter equipment faster with more options

Experience a new level of efficiency as new filtering options streamline equipment searches.

  • Enhanced Filter: customize filter criteria against fields and properties to best suit your needs.
  • New “No date” option: applicable for date-based criteria, including Final expiry date, Certif. Date, Job date, Created date and Modified date .
  • Improved Search and Sort features: enjoy the powerful functions in consistence with Onix Work’s Modern Equipment module.

[Retired] Pick List to be retired from 8.6.2023

Effective 8 June 2023, Pick List will be disabled and replaced by Onix Tag, which offers a more user-friendly design and multiple powerful features.
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