Optimized inspection tracking and progress

Introducing a game-changing feature, effective since the Summer 1 Release 2023: effortlessly track equipment inspection progress and avoid missing crucial equipment.


1.1. Before the Release

Inspectors face challenges when tracking their inspection progress throughout a specified period. At the start of each working day, when downloading the inspection data, you find it difficult to:

  • Continue open jobs and finish ongoing inspections.
  • Avoid missing inspection activities for any equipment.
    • The Uninspected active equipment view only is not applicable when downloading data on the new working day, causing a lack of visibility and difficulty determining whether certain equipment has been inspected.

1.2. After the Release - Seamless inspection progress

  • Optimized inspection workflow: Easily identify inspected and uninspected equipment.
  • Maximized productivity: Prioritize tasks efficiently and avoid missing inspections.
  • Enhanced safety and compliance: Track inspection status effectively without unwanted errors.


2.1. Download inspection records

When you download customer data, records of inspection activities within the past 6 months will be included by default.

2.2. Jobs module - View past inspections

Records of inspection activities are displayed for your reference.

  • Past jobs are greyed out; you can only view and NOT edit or interact with them.
  • You can edit the jobs that you have just created after downloading data. These jobs are displayed normally, not greyed out and can be opened by tapping on them.

2.3. Equipment module - View and filter equipment against past inspections

  • Filter equipment based on job dates:
    • Click on the 3-dot icon on the top right corner —> Filter —> Add Job date criteria.
    • A new list of Last … days options is available for you to choose from. These options will filter out equipments that have inspection records in the relevant number of days prior to the current date.

  • View job records of an equipment:
    • Select the equipment —> Open the Jobs section which is newly added since Summer 1 Release 2023.
      • Read-only inspection records are displayed for your reference.
      • Open jobs are displayed and editable.

2.3. Sync module - Add default Job date filter for equipment views

Equipment views are powered up with the Job date filter:

  • Go to Sync module —> Default configuration —> Select the suitable period.
  • Go back to the Equipment module —> Views —> Job date filter is applied to 4 equipment views.
    • For example, in the below image, the Inspected equipment missing certificate will display equipment (1) without a certificate and (2) have inspection records during the last 45 days.