Spring 2020 Release notes

Release date: 22.05.2020

On Friday, May 22nd 2020, we rolled out a new release of Onix Work, Onix Worker, Onix Tool Store and Onix Inspection (Windows and Android).

For this release, we gathered some of your feedback and polished up existing features with exciting additions and improvements that will have your workflow beaming with pride. Explore all the greatness below:


Job Class

Assigning Job class to your company provides a host of benefits, including the ability to make it easier for your users to do their work.

In Onix Work, there are 3 different types of Job class:

  • Mandatory Inspection : Performed by expert/inspector with control category competence
  • Preventive Maintenance: Performed by mechanics/maintenance personnel
  • Operator Maintenance: Performed by workers using the equipment

Maintenance job

Now that you have more job classes to choose from, we decided to take it a step further.

By that, you can perform not only Mandatory Inspection, but also Preventive Maintenance and Operator Maintenance.

And, an added bonus! When you create a new job, your default job class will create a corresponding job with some predefined values right from the start.

Checklist settings enhancement

Some major enhancements in the following areas:

  • Accessibility: Making your checklists accessible so that they can be viewed and used by other companies
  • Job Class: Define the available checklists that can be used in a job by a certain job class
  • Job Interval: Determine whether the job is an irregular or a recurring job

Job Interval

If you’re currently relying solely on reactive maintenance, then the good news is you can start a preventive maintenance plan right in Onix Work.

The new preventive maintenance plan is available on equipment and on job, which then helps you set different job intervals, job class information, due date and automatic filing action, which can streamline a company’s entire maintenance process.

Your equipment can avoid significant breakdowns or unforeseen renewal if you stick to the job intervals registered here.

Control regime

Announcing a big change to the current control regime! You’ll notice in Settings > Control Categories that we added two more tabs.

This will give you the ability to better customize default job intervals to comply with legal requirements, at the same time fit your national rules.

Improvements in layout

For this release, we focused on improving layout’s selection and capabilities, they’re now much faster!

When you open an archived job, instead of completely disappearing job details like before, it will appear with full information to give you a more detailed account of the job.

Besides, Onix Work gives you the flexibility to view jobs created by other companies to help you easily keep track of.

That’s not all… we also made some improvements to the icons of equipment.

You will see new icons on the equipment tile that let you better visibility control the issue due status, the equipment status and the due status on each class.


Job Report enhancement

A small, but powerful feature: You can now choose to include only the archived jobs in your report.

The Job Report document is now come with a new layout, this provides more detailed information so you can stay focused on your work.


We continue to make Onix Worker more intuitive, easier to use that boosts your efficiency.

Shortcut to new job

Way less going back and forth between screens to create a job.

In each equipment tile, there is a shortcut to help you quickly jump to job creation to save you time.

Freshen up Maintenance job

We split up open job and new job on an equipment so you can continue doing unfinished jobs or going forward with a completely new job.

New job status which will be updated automatically by checkpoints.

In an effort to increase your performance, you can fill out checkpoint status at once and file job directly on the Job Details screen.


  • In Onix Tool Store:
  • Equipment will not be allowed to check out in the following cases:
    • Equipment status is NC
    • Issue due status is overdue
    • Mandatory due status is overdue
  • Expected return date is changed accordingly: Between current date and the closest date among Due mandatory and Due issue
  • In Onix Inspection:
  • New equipment active status selection in Equipment Details
  • New job interval selection in Job Details
  • Redefine Equipment status: Equipment status now indicates the worst status from the To do issues on the equipment. When the progress of the issue changes, equipment status is updated accordingly regardless the issue’s job class

  • New active status option: Besides Active, Inactive and Discarded, equipment will have a new state called Missing

  • Replace some standard views with new views to help you easily search for due equipment

  • Replace two control categories LE and LA by GX and G11

  • In Quick Inspection, now you have more job type options as in Inspection Report to choose from

  • Remove:

  • Job Type Service
  • Job Type 4-year Periodic Control
  • The ability to easily switch job class and job from right on the job


Here are 7 tips to help you get ready and stay on top after our release goes live.

  1. Legal Inspection will now be called Mandatory Inspection. This is to help differentiate the three new job classes

  2. All current checklists will be converted to Mandatory Inspection; should the checklists have been used in Onix Worker only – These will be converted to Operator Maintenance

  3. Default job interval was previously decided by the equipment owner, is now decided by the company who creates the job


  1. The job interval that will be applied to the equipment comes from its last filed job.

    In the case that due date of equipment has been manually changed after filing the job, the job interval will come from the manually changed date

  2. Quick Inspection: We are removing the option Automatically generate next job both in Forms settings and on the job

  3. You are likely to get more open issues after this release goes live. Old jobs that were filed before will now generate issues as long as it is the latest filed job on that equipment

  4. [Inspection] Remember to upload your inspections before updating Onix Inspection to the latest version


  • Fixed an issue where email address cannot be saved with a space at the end

  • Fixed an issue where default status setup is missing for new company

  • Fixed an issue where control category cannot be deleted once it is linked to a checklist

  • Fixed an issue when checkpoint’s scrolled down menu is displayed behind the frame

  • Fixed an issue where equipment tile does not show SWL value

  • Fixed an issue where downloaded PDF document becomes doubled in size

  • [Inspection] Fixed an issue where locations from the previous customer are kept after changing to a new customer

  • [Inspection] Fixed an issue when app crashes due to location’s permission missing

  • [Inspection] Fixed an issue where inspections cannot be uploaded if equipment has special character

  • [Inspection] Fixed an issue when cursor jumps back while typing equipment properties

  • [Inspection] Fixed an issue when downloading the incorrect latest documents