Spring 2021 Release notes

Release date: 26.03.2021

We are pleased to announce that our Spring Release 2021 is on the way and will launch on March 26, 2021. We’ve updated, added to or otherwise improved on several aspects of Onix Work, Onix Worker and Onix Tag based on your requests - many of them were logged into Onix Community. Read more on the exact changes you can expect in this release in the below release notes.

Join us for an interactive discussion of all of the new changes coming in Spring Release 2021 during one of our release webinars. We’ve planned one webinar in English, one in Norwegian and one for our Onix Partners. No pre-booking required, simply join on the day of the webinar. More information about our Spring Release 2021 webinars can be found on our events page.


Orders module

We introduce many flexible settings to give suppliers more control over the order process.

Progress indicator

We’ve eased restrictions in the settings of order status.

Please note that custom statuses are manually applied and are not automatic at this time.
From the “Status progress indicator”, you can change order status to keep others informed about how far you’ve progressed in the workflow.

Instructions editor

This new section is to proactively adjust the accurate documents sending out to your customers. A few examples of what you can do with the expanding information:

  • Leave the Form Requirement and Control Regime decision in the hand of the supplier
  • Share information between Order Handlers and Employees in the warehouse, by writing down what is scheduled for a particular customer’s order in Internal Instructions
  • To use Owner’s equipment ID in orders or not, that is now your choice

ERP system information

We’re giving you a birds-eye view of orders coming from the ERP system, which was previously available only for orders that are created in Onix Work.
Now you can easily track the original department that actually created the order. Then, quickly create a new company in Onix Work if the ERP Customer has not existed yet.

Products module

In line with updates to our Orders module, we’ve made it easier than ever to set rules on each product to save oodles of times working with orders.

New product status

Introducing New from ERP status to help Document Controllers define new product transferred from the Order transfer, API and ERP system.
This is extremely useful to know which products need to be specified after transferred.

Custom serial numbers format

Field mask simplifies the numbering part to a great degree. It’s much easier to insert custom format, then use the format to quickly fill out serial number series in orders.

Hide fields in numbering

You can now opt to hide Serial number, Batch number or Production year in order lines, or turn them on whenever you please.

Settings module

External linking for ERP system

We understand that ERP information can be different per warehouse and POS system for each customer.
We now have a method to help you manage all the mapping IDs in one place, direct from Onix Work.
Go to Settings > External Linking and set up multiple ERP IDs for your own company and your customers, and based on the order information, these IDs will be mapped automatically after transferring to Onix Work.

Custom status, custom workflow

Custom status is a way to give orders quicker context and fit your order needs within your company.
Now your workflow can take whatever form you like by adding in your own unique statuses.

From Settings > Workflows, you can add new statuses, change colors and select the closing status for an order.
Also, you may now re-order statuses for a “next status” flow, move them up or down into your desired order

You have the option to limit the available status selection in Onix Tag. That way you can track orders in warehouse the way that suits your needs.


We listened to your requests and gathered your feedback then used it to roll out Onix Worker 2.0. Here’s a summary of new features, along with other performance improvements.

Change User Profile and password in Onix Worker

Setting up your User Profile right from Onix Worker, including your name, position, phone and profile picture.
The most beneficial field is password, where you can update your password without going back and forth between Onix Work.

New Issues module and Jobs module

Issues module has arrived in Onix Worker.
No more restrictions on issues of the current equipment, now you can search for all issues in general with several supporting list views from us.
So easy to have an overview of all issues, and gather relevant information with Extended Procedure, ensuring you are always up-to-date with the equipment and nothing falls off your work routine.

Jobs module inherits all of the fascinating features of the Issues module, where you can search for any kind of jobs. Do not forget to take advantages of the search filters to see only the relevant jobs.

Swipe gesture

This major change we made as a direct result of your feedback.
Swipe in from the right side of the screen on equipment tile to pull up the equipment’s menu instead of opening the equipment.

New search filter

This new “Edit view filter” refines your list views to make sure that you’re seeing the most relevant items.
To change which items display in a list view, select image on the top to access the list view filters.

Intuitive navigation to find related items

Earlier in Onix Worker, after searching for the equipment, you must switch tabs to find the related jobs and documents on the current equipment.

We have redesigned the modules to be easier-to-navigate. Open an equipment and quickly find the list of related jobs, issues and documents right from Equipment details screen.
This navigation applies for all modules in Onix Worker.


NFC tag

Along with QR codes, your equipment may now be linked to NFC tags with Onix Worker.

Using NFC tags in Onix Worker is simple and straightforward. If your equipment is registered with an NFC tag, Onix Worker provides you with fast access to equipment on your smartphone with just a tap. This functionality is available on both Android and iOs versions or Onix Worker.


The new Onix Tag is going prime time for all suppliers of Onix Work.
Previously known as Onix Pick List, the new Onix Tag is updated with a beautiful new look and feel, a significantly improved quality of workflow, and added more functionalities.

The best part - As long as your company has already set up the domain access, Onix Tag users can register themselves and start using right away!

Here are just a few of the benefits of the app:

  • Setting up your User Profile right from Onix Tag: Including your name, position, password, language and profile picture
  • Your progress is synchronized everywhere: Whether you’re picking equipment in warehouse, or updating status of the order from your office, your order progress synchronizes seamlessly across Onix Work and Onix Tag, so you can pick up exactly where you left off
  • Stay focused on your working location: If you have a certain location that is critical to your workflow, you can mark it as your Working Location. Later on, you can save time working with orders belonged to your working location from list view “My working location - all orders”
  • Quickly filter to find what you’re looking for: Use our Search this view function image to zero in on the exact orders you need
  • Customized workflow: Use the custom statuses and “next status” flow set up from Onix Work to completely support your fulfillment workflow
  • Smart numbering: Quickly apply essential information to all equipment at once


Track processed equipment in an order

Before, processed equipment could not be tracked in an order once the order is set to “Process” in Onix Work.
Now, you can find this information in the new tab Processed, to keep all records of your order.

Make the columns wider in “Select Product” dialogue

Our users registered the Product idea in which they were asking for the columns of Select product dialogue wider, so that they can gather more details of Type and Model .
We heard you loud and clear! This has now been improved as requested.

New Control Category “MED”

In accordance with Directive 2014/90/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on Marine Equipment, which requires an EU Declaration of Conformity for wheel marked equipment, Onix dedicated a new Control Category named MED for all users.
You can find it in Settings, inside Control Category “XX”.

Support multi languages for display

As we see the growing need for Spanish, now you can select Spanish as the display language in Onix Work, Onix Worker and Onix Tag.
Over and above that, Swedish and Danish are also available in Onix Worker and Onix Tag.
Soon to come are other languages. Let us know your preferred language and register your idea in Product ideas.

Support Spanish language in Forms

We support for new language Spanish in Inspection Report and Quick Inspection.

Show all documents in Onix Worker

Before in Onix Worker, users were only allowed to view the latest document of each Document Type.
Now, you can search after and view all active documents of your equipment.


The following features have been retired:

  • Express user can no longer access Onix Worker to find documentation, they will use Onix Worker as an anonymous user. However, Express user can scan QR code to find documentation registered on equipment.
    z8 Onix Work no longer supports the Internet Explorer web browser.


Here are 2 tips to help you get ready and stay on top after our release goes live.

  1. In Onix Work Homepage, the number for “new product(s)” will now refer to New from ERP and not Dynamic as before. After the release, you will see a difference in the number as it has been calculated by New from ERP products. In case you would like to change product status from Dynamic to New from ERP , please do it manually where necessary.


  1. All current order status will be changed as follows:
  • All order lines are “New”: Order has status “New”
  • All order lines are “In progress”: Order has status “In progress”
  • All order lines are “Completed”: Order has status “Completed”
  • Order lines are “New” and “In progress”: Order has status “In progress”
  • Order lines are “New” and “Completed”: Order has status “In progress”
  • Order lines are “New” and “In progress” and “Completed”: Order has status “In progress”


  • Fixed the issue where base documents are duplicated on one equipment in Onix Worker
  • Fixed the issue when insert an unwanted space character in the search field, error message will pop up in Equipment module
  • Fixed the issue where the graph on Homepage does not match the search results
  • Make a copy of an archived job and get the file’s name with rev info
  • Delete the check group that is in use will receive a clear and straightforward message

We’ve done this work to help you drive the transformation of your business on your terms. Contact us if you need advice and assistance to use this. If you lack functionality, register it as a topic in Product ideas. There you can also see and discuss suggestions with other users. Let us know your thoughts by replying to this release notes below!