Onix Source will be retired on 18 August 2023

Effective 18 August 2023, the Onix Source application will officially be retired and no longer be accessible afterwards. We will completely shift to the new Base Documents feature in Onix Work for a more optimized and streamlined process of document management.

Introduced in the latest Summer 1 Release 2023 the new Base documents feature is a more powerful alternative to Onix Source with enhanced functions and a fresh design:

  • Manage all base documents in one place: Access and review your documents quickly right from the Settings module.
  • Effortlessly upload multiple documents: Add many documents in one click with the drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Conveniently edit information: In the upcoming release, you will be able to preview a document and adjust its properties without the need to switch apps.

For more information, please refer to Manage Base documents in Orders Products and Settings modules article and stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!
If you have any questions, kindly comment below or contact us via support@onix.com.