Retirement of Notes feature in Onix Work

As we strive to deliver the most valuable enhancements, we have noticed that the Notes feature in Onix Work has only been used occasionally and mostly for testing purposes. Therefore, we have decided to retire the Notes feature soon with some critical notes below.


Please be aware that all existing Note records will be permanently removed from Onix Work and Onix Tool Store after the official retirement date.

1. Alternatives to accessing historical Notes’ content

To ensure continued access to your historical Notes’ content, we recommend exploring the following alternatives:

  • Use the “Comment” field in the equipment’s Equipment detail section.
  • Use the “Issue” feature when you want to tag a follow-up action.

2. Exporting Notes information

If your company actively uses Notes and requires access to the information inserted in them, please reach out to us at Our Support team will assist you in finding a suitable solution for exporting this data.

We strongly encourage you to explore the suggested alternatives promptly to prevent any potential loss of data. For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via