Autumn 2020 Release notes

Release date: 02.10.2020

We are really excited to tell you that on Friday, October 2nd 2020, the latest versions of Onix Work and Onix Worker will be rolled out.

We asked you what you wanted most. Now we are giving it to you.
The Autumn 2020 release brings new innovations and improvements that provide you with significant capabilities to transform your business.


Dashboard module

Gone are the days of static presentations, stagnate reports and out-of-date data.
Welcome to the new Dashboard module! Take a comfortable seat and enjoy the power of interactive data quality management.

With just a couple of quick clicks, you can tailor the view with customizable widgets, finding what is pertinent to you.
Moreover, a drill-down shows you additional and detailed information of a particular element without overcrowding the dashboard.

In the first version, Dashboard module is centred around equipment’s issues.
For upcoming version, this module will also include other aspects of key business areas.
If you miss a widget, register a product idea in Onix Community.

Issues module

We’ve made it easier than ever to keep issues in the same place, so that you don’t need to jump between different equipment to track all the issues your company needs to resolve.
Issues module is where all employees can see the activities that they need to get done, track the issue from the time it’s identified until they have resolved it.

Find unresolved issues with our new robust search engine.
When you use the issue view, results containing all the search terms are returned, which can be a lot of records!
Filter down results quickly with the Search this view filter on the left pane.

Additionally, you are able to create your own views with Edit view filters to restrict your search to exact search criteria.
Try it. We think you will like it. The idea is to introduce this method for other modules over time.

Form improvements

As part of our continued commitment to meet legal requirements in documentation for our customers, we’ve added fantastic features that will make things even simpler.

Form variants

For some special control categories or job types, there are certain legal requirements that must be followed when producing documents.
On that account, we bring you the possibility to create multiple Form variants.

You’ll be able to modify the texts and the use of logo. This makes it easier to have good forms for different situations, for instance, expert control and documented control.
Based on your selection of job type or control category, the corresponding variant will be used to create document.

For job types and control categories without a variant, the standard Form is used.

Support German and Dutch language

We support for new language German in Inspection Report, Form 3 and Form 4.

Equipment system-predefined properties are also translated to Dutch and German in order to generate Dutch and German documents accordingly.



Password security criteria
To ensure passwords are in line with best practice security protocols, when users create new password or update password, they will be required to adopt a password with at least:

  • 8 characters
  • 1 number
  • 1 uppercase character
  • 1 lowercase character

Make Next Due Date editable in job

In the previous Spring release, we set this function retired. We thought it was not needed.
Nonetheless, our users were asking for it back and registered as Product idea. Finally, we brought it back to you.

When performing the job, you now have the ability to change Next Due Date before the job is archived.

Update Location/Area by View Only users in Onix Worker

Our Onix Worker users told us about this request, and we implemented it.
The app just got even better with the possibility to update Location/Area with View Only user privilege.


The following features have been retired:

  1. Form Attest and Form Attest Samleliste: To replace them, you can create variants for Inspection Report and Quick Inspection as alternatives.
  2. Option Certifying Organisation Logo has been removed from settings of Control Category:
  • With customers having option Certifying Organisation Logo turned off, Onix will create a variant “No logo from certifying body” in the corresponding Form.
  • This variant will have the existing information of the current Form, No logo is selected by default.


  • In Table view, show Request timeout response when the search result is affected due to timeout.
  • In Report of Thorough Examination, show both WLL and SWL if available.
  • Change caption Kontroll to Jobb for Norwegian, Swedish and Danish translation. This to better reflect that we now include maintenance jobs as well as legal inspections.
  • Fixed the issue Order module access is missing in Settings when reducing the license of “Order module users”.
  • Fixed the issue when several jobs are archived on the same date, the job with the latest created time will be considered the latest job.

We’ve done this work to help you drive the transformation of your business on your terms.
Contact us if you need advice and assistance to use this.