How to set up Onix Express

Launched in Autumn Release 2023, the new Onix Express offers full customization options for suppliers and inspectors, from the sign-in page to the main website. These options are available in Onix Work’s Settings module and are designed to make the setup process more user-friendly.


Equipment suppliers and inspectors use Onix Express to distribute equipment documentation to customers who are not members of Onix Work.

  • Onix Express users can only access their documents with read-only permission.
  • Onix Express does not offer full features as Onix Work. Features for equipment management or inspections are only available in Onix Work.


2.1 Privilege needed

You need to be assigned:

  • One of the main licenses: Equipment Owner, Supplier or Inspector.
  • A role which enables FULL ACCESS for “Manage Onix Express” privilege.

2.2. Customize access links and sign-in page

  • Go to the Settings module → Choose Onix Express tab.

Complete these fields with your preferred content, or use our default values:

  • Onix Express access link (URL): Choose a link that leads to your Onix Express portal.
    • You can “rename” the link with your company’s name, or whatever address that suits your needs.
    • To ensure smooth transition, any URL that was created before Autumn Release 2023 (10.11.2023) will be redirected to the new custom URL. No extra need to adjust the URL.
  • Your Onix Express logon website (URL): Choose an official website of your company to contain the logon button.
    • Users of your customer companies must find this logon website and click on the logon button to access your Onix Express portal.
    • The default URL of logon website is your company’s home page.
  • Sign-in page headline: Choose the headline for Onix Express sign-in page.
  • Sign-in page description: Choose descriptive text for Onix Express sign-in page.

2.3. Customize appearance

Firstly, decide the styling of your Onix Express:

  • Logo: Upload a new logo image or re-use the logo from Company profile setting.
  • Primary and text colors: Choose the colors for Onix Express’ background and text display.

Then preview how your styling options look like in Onix Express:

  • The quick preview shows only the header’s appearance.
  • The full preview shows both sign-in page and homepage’s appearance.

2.4. Publish Onix Express to your customers

There are 2 ways to let your customers access the Onix Express:

  • Copy and send Onix Express access link (URL) directly to the customers; OR
  • Put a logon button on your official website. When Onix Express users click on the button, they are led to your Onix Express. Here’s how:
    • Customize the button: Click on Customize → Choose your preferred button’s colors and text → Hit Save.
    • Copy the embed code.
    • Go to the settings of your company’s website → Paste the embed code, and the logon button will immediately appear on the website.