New Onix Tool Store - How to set up and manage your store

Onix Tool Store helps you keep track of tools and equipment for a selected location or area by allowing users to check out and return equipment using RFID or QR codes.

1. Initial setup

After installation, the initial setup prepares the new Onix Tool Store application with fundamental settings for future use.

Important: You MUST have an Onix Work account to perform this process.

  • Launch the new Onix Tool Store app → Sign in with your Onix Work account.
  • Select the default language which will be used all users at your company.
  • Select your company, location and area in which the device is located.

These settings are not fixed permanently; you can always edit them in Onix Work.

2. Configure settings for all Tool Store users from Onix Work

PRVILEGED NEEDED: FULL ACCESS on Manage Tool Store privilege.

  • In Onix Work, go to the Settings module → Select LicensesOnix Tool Store license usage.
  • Find and click on the device’s name to open Onix Tool Store settings.

  • Program section: Choose the default language for all users at your company.

  • Check out – in section:

    • Location and Area: These selections determine which equipment can be checked out.
    • Default number of days to expected return date: This interval determines the equipment’s expected return date during equipment check-out process.
    • Auto-confirm: If a number other than 0 is entered, the app will automatically confirm users’ choice after a defined period of time.
    • Alerts: The frequency at which users are notified of overdue equipment via email.
  • Identification section: Enable suitable identification methods and PIN/password requirement for each method.

  • Sanner configuration section: Enable suitable scanning methods.

3. Manage all Tool Store users from Onix Work

PRIVILEGE NEEDED: FULL ACCESS on Manage users and roles privilege.

As Onix Tool Store users can be managed directly in Onix Work, all administrative tasks are centralized for boosted efficiency. It provides a comprehensive set of actions so you can efficiently handle profiles, PIN codes, ID cards, and more.

  • In Onix Work, go to SettingsUsers and RolesOnix Tool Store users.
  • The table list shows current unique Onix Tool Store user accounts regardless of the Onix Tool Store version that you’re using.
    • For example, an employee creates the user account with a phone number; then he uses the old Onix Tool Store app in location A and new Onix Tool Store app in location B. In Onix Work, his administrator will only see 1 Onix Tool Store user account associated with the phone number.
  • Other actions are:
    • Create new Tool Store users.
    • Edit information or change PIN code of the current users.
    • Delete a user.