The old Onix Tool Store will retire and be replaced by the new version from 21.06.2024

We are excited to announce a crucial change: On 21.06.2024, the old Onix Tool Store application will be discontinued and replaced entirely by the new Onix Tool Store (introduced in 2023).

:pushpin: Action required

Kindly switch to the new Onix Tool Store before 21.06.2024.
The application is compatible with:

:pushpin: Help resources

Watch tutorial videos of the new Onix Tool Store:

For instructions on how to install and use the new version, visit our Knowledge base. Below are some useful Knowledge topics:

If you have questions during this transition, kindly contact us at

Tutorial videos are now available and updated in the post above. Check them out below:

New update:

The retirement date for the old Onix Tool Store app is officialy scheduled on 21.06.2024. This date has been added to the original post above.

We understand that transitions can be challenging. Therefore, the retirement is extended to June to facilitate your smooth transition to the new Onix Tool Store. After 21.06, the old version will be discontinued permanently.