Onix Tool Store now only supports new installation using MSIX method

We want to inform you that we no longer support installing Onix Tool Store using the ClickOnce method. Going forward, any new installations must be done using the MSIX method.

:exclamation: IMPORTANT NOTE :exclamation:
If Onix Tool Store is already installed and is working properly on your device at the moment, you should continue using it without taking any necessary action.

However, if you strongly need to perform a new installation of Onix Tool Store, please be cautious.

  1. We recommend installing the new Onix Tool Store app as the old version will retire by mid-May 2024. Find installation links and helpful resources in this important notice.

  2. In cases where reinstalling the old Onix Tool Store app is highly essential, please uninstall the current app on your device, then follow the instructions in Onix Tool Store installation guide for users and administrators with MSIX.