Manage non-member companies in the Companies module

Non-member companies are easily created and entirely managed by your logged-in company. In case your subscription includes Onix Express license, employees from non-member companies can be invited to enjoy read-only access to their documentation through Onix Express. (What is Onix Express?)

1. Create a new non-member company

  • Select New on the top left.
  • Fill out details of the company, then hit Save.

2. Actions with a non-member company

Choose a non-member company and see the available quick actions listed in the top toolbar.

  • Edit: Update the company’s information
  • Delete: Delete the non-member company. However, if the company has any connected elements (contacts, equipment, etc.,), it cannot be removed.
  • Look for equipment: Open a list of equipment owned by the company in the Equipment module.
  • Report: Generate a report listing the company’s equipment and inspection schedules.

  • Access: Turn on domain access to automatically invite any user with a specific email domain as an active user for this company.

3. Manage contacts and active users

3.1. Contacts

Contact is an asset of an organization, which contains a person’s information including email, password, name, phone number, picture, signature, and many more.

  • Contact is not an account, and not a user as well. Only information of a person is stored here.
  • Contact is mostly used for creating forms.

Actions with a contact

  • To create a new contact, press New and fill in necessary information.
  • To remove an existing contact, press Delete.
  • To give a contact access to Onix Express, press Invite as user on the toolbar.

3.2. Active users

When your company subscribes to Onix Express license, you can turn contacts into active users. (What is Onix Express?)

  • Active users have read-only access to documentation via Onix Express.
  • An active user of a non-member company can only log in to Onix Express, not the full Onix Work.
  • The icon next to a contact name indicates an Onix Express user; hence, this person can log in to Onix Express and access documentation.

Actions with an active user

  • To add new active users, press Add multiple users on the toolbar and fill in necessary information.
  • To edit information of an active user, press Terminate access; then the fields will become editable.
  • To revoke Onix Express access, press Terminate access.
  • To remove the user, press Delete.

4. Handle requests for Onix Express access

Press on Express requests on toolbar to view all requests sent by active users who would like access to your Onix Express.

  • To grant access: Choose the appropriate company for each email request → Select Approve.
    • The newly approved user will appear in the non-member company’s “Contacts & active users” tab.
  • To remove the request and not grant access: Select Reject.