Understand company type and status in the Companies module

Learn about the concept of member and non-member companies as well as their statuses in Onix Work.

1. Company type

Member company

  • A member company is in contract with Onix and using Onix Work at the moment.
  • A member company can connect with other companies for data sharing purposes.
  • Its tile has a “Member” tag.

Non-member company

  • A non-member company is created manually and managed by the logged-in company.
  • If the logged-in company subscribes to Express license, employees of a non-member company can be invited as Express users. Afterwards, they have read-only access to their documentation via Onix Express. (What is Onix Express?)
  • Its tile does not show any tag.

2. Company status

Status: Active

  • An active company is in normal operation.
  • The active company’s tile displays normally and does not show any tag.
  • The “active” status applies to both member and non-member companies.

Status: Inactive

  • An inactive company is not working with the logged-in company’s data at the moment.
  • Logged-in company users CANNOT transfer equipment ownership or filter for inactive company’s equipment in the Equipment module.
  • The inactive company’s tile is greyed out and does not show any tag.
  • The “inactive” status applies to non-member companies and member with data access granted by the logged-in company…

Status: Terminated

  • A terminated company is a member company that has already ended their contract with Onix and stopped using Onix Work.
  • The terminated company’s tile is greyed out and shows a “Terminated” tag.
  • The “terminated” status ONLY applies to member companies.