Delete a company

This does not seem possible? I tried, but get an error (there are items linked)

I am a bit unsure what you think about here, but I guess your request is related to deleting companies you deliver equipment/documents to or companies you receive equipment/documents from.

These companies are listed in Company module in Onix Work.

We have two types of companies which may be available in the company module. Other member companies (companies with their own Onix Work account) and companies with no access to Onix work

Related to other companies with member access to Onix work they can be added/removed using the Connected company’s functionality in Settings.

If the company is not a member company it is correct as you mention that we are not allowed to delete companies as long as we have some information related to the company. But if the company is not relevant anymore you may set this to not Active and by this “hide” this company.

In general we do not want the users to have the possibility to delete companies/equipment/documents in Onix Work to avoid that essential information may be removed by accident or removed to “hide” information if an accident should appear.