Keep track of original documents using Onix Source

Onix Source helps suppliers keep track of original documents and certificates from different producers, as well as delivering these documents to customers. Onix Source can be downloaded from the Home screen in Onix Work.

Onix Source settings

Select the folder on your device containing the documents you would like to upload to Onix Work in Source Folder .
In Folder for Uploaded , any documents uploaded successfully to Onix Work will be moved to this folder in order to avoid uploading a document twice.

Select Test for Product No. to ensure that a document cannot be uploaded with a non-existed product number.
Select Move the document to the Uploaded-folder after upload to automatically move the uploaded documents to the folder you select in Folder for Uploaded .

Upload documents

Document list in the left panel will show you all documents available for upload in your designated source folder.
Enter the relevant document information in the Document Properties pane before uploading the document.

Select Upload button to upload documents to Onix Work.
Only one document can be uploaded at a time, not a group of documents.

Automatically connect to product option is only active when a product is selected. The uploaded document will be connected to the selected product when this option is selected.

When Hide this document for any other company option is selected, the document is set as Hidden for others in Onix Work when uploaded.

Use base documents in Onix Work

In Onix Work, these base documents will be available for use from the Orders and Products modules.
In the Document dialogue, select tab Onix Source to find the documents that you have added in Onix Source.
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