Generate job reports in the new Jobs module

Easily generate reports on multiple inspections with the Job report, Year report and Export selected jobs to Excel features.


Get a comprehensive overview of jobs, issues and assign repair responsibilities with the Job report feature.
Here’s how:

  • On your toolbar, select ReportJob report.
  • Set up the data that you want to include in the report: Customer company, location, order no., cust. order no., period, who did the jobs and job status.
  • Review and decide whether to include these sections in the job report: Inspection, Quick inspection, Issues and Sign job report.
  • Select a recipient of the job report besides you → Click on Finish to get the job report sent to your mailbox.


The year report contains insights into equipment inspected per category within the selected time range. The data is categorized into initial inspection, periodic control and extraordinary control.
Here’s how:

  • On your toolbar, select ReportYear report.
  • Set up the data that you want to include in the report: Reporting period, number of complaints, usage of liability insurance, course / training of competences if any → OK.
  • A preview of the year report will be generated immediately → You can download or print it at will.


Here’s how:

  • Select the desired jobs. MAXIMUM 1000 jobs can be selected.
  • On your toolbar, select Report → Export to Excel.
  • The loading icon image indicates that Onix Work is processing your data.
  • Once done, the icon will be shown up on your toolbar, and the file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.