Tracking equipment using GPS

Geographic location tracking for equipment in Onix Work and Onix Worker has been enhanced thanks to the integration with ABAX. Now you can get easily the equipment’s last-known location on the map.


From Summer 2022 Release, Onix Work is enabled to integrate with ABAX ( to get location data of your equipment.

  • ABAX provides GPS devices, which are then attached to your equipment.
  • ABAX can supply suitable devices for most equipment, ranging from small battery-powered Bluetooth devices to larger units that need SIM-card and external power. Learn more.
  • You can integrate ABAX with Onix Work when you have an ABAX account.
    • This integration will send requests daily to get the location of the ABAX devices.
    • The equipment’s location will be displayed on a map in the Onix Work and Onix Worker apps.
    • The location will be updated at 12AM every day.


2.1. In ABAX

To integrate with ABAX you need to activate the ABAX API by setting up two parameters: Client ID and Client Secret.

The Client ID must be obtained from ABAX. This requires a separate developer account from your normal ABAX user account:

  • Visit → Select Resources and Developer API from the navigation bar → Click Login.
    • If you do not have a developer account, click Create account.
  • Log in to your account → Select Production and locate the Dashboard.
  • Click Create API Credential → Insert values for Name and Redirect_uris (any name will do).
  • Click Create API Credentials → Your new credentials will appear on the page.

This Client ID must be linked to your ABAX account. ABAX support will handle this for you:

  • Take a copy of your Client ID together with the name of your organization and send it in an email to
  • When the connection is paired, you can start setting up Onix Work.

In Onix Work

In the Settings module:

  • Navigate to SystemExternal data-sourcesGPS tracking.
  • Select ABAX as the provider → Choose a contact that will be responsible for this integration.
  • Insert Client ID and Client Secret found in the ABAX Dashboard → Apply → Your integration is now ready for use.


You need to add the device’s serial number to the equipment using the ABAX Serial Number property.

  • Go to the Equipment module → Locate and open your equipment.
  • In the equipment, go to the Properties section → Hit Edit.
  • In the pop-up panel, choose Select propertiesAdd a property → Choose ABAX Serial NumberSave.
  • Fill in the serial number of your ABAX device.

The location of your device should now be updated daily from ABAX and is visible in the equipment’s Map tab.