Search for exact matches of equipment using double quotes

A valuable enhancement for equipment searches in Onix Work, Onix Inspect and Onix Worker is coming: the ability to find exact matches using double quotes - “ ". This change is particularly beneficial when you search keyword is short as the result list becomes more focused, boosting search accuracy and saving valuable time!

Now, when the search keyword is enclosed in double quotes, the Equipment module will return only results with the exact match of equipment ID and product number to your keyword.

For example, in the search box, you enter “ABC 900 NW”. The list of results will include equipment whose:

  • Serial number is ABC 900 NW.
  • Batch number is ABC 900 NW.
  • Owner’s Equipment ID is ABC 900 NW.
  • Product number is ABC 900 NW.

Important note for Type and Model fields:
The results also include equipment whose Type and Model contain ABC 900 NW. This means that the Type and Model values can be ABC 900 NW or AAABC 900 NW 00.