Identify equipment with Onix ID

Go digital and get rid of physical documents. Onix ID helps you simplify identification of lifting gear and dangerous work equipment while giving instant access to user manuals and other important documents on the go.

1. What is Onix ID?

Onix ID is a pre-printed label with a QR code that you can attach to your equipment and use it as a unique identifier of equipment.

  • Onix ID is visibly written on the label
  • There are three available types of Onix ID
    • Onix ID without RFID
    • Onix ID with RFID
    • Onix ID with NFC


2. Link equipment to Onix ID

To start using Onix ID, you need to link Onix ID to your equipment by typing or scanning the code.

Onix ID will overwrite the existing EPC code (globally unique identification) of your equipment.
Subsequently, existing QR labels and RFID tags will no longer work.

There are two ways to link Onix ID to your equipment:

By typing in Onix Work

  • Go to the Equipment module
  • Open the equipment that you want to link
  • In equipment details, select Edit to update the Onix ID field
  • In Onix ID editor, insert the code on your Onix ID label, and press OK

By scanning the QR code in Onix Inspect and Onix Worker

Linking by scanning the QR code can be done on Onix Inspect and Onix Worker.

  • Find the equipment you want to link
  • Select the link icon
  • Scan the code on Onix ID label using QR scanner / RFID reader.
  • Your device recognizes the code and will auto-fill in the Onix ID field of your equipment.


  • Onix ID code MUST be unique, which means that you can only link ONE Onix ID to ONE equipment.
    • If you enter a code that is already in use, the system will require you to re-confirm it. By hitting OK, Onix ID code will be removed from the former equipment and transferred to the new equipment.

3. Search equipment by Onix ID

Once your equipment is linked to Onix ID, you can easily find equipment details and documents by searching manually or scanning the code

Search manually

In the search filter of Onix ID field, enter the Onix ID code to search for equipment. The system will display the corresponding equipment registered by that Onix ID.

Search by scanning

Use the built-in camera on your device to scan the QR code in the Onix ID label, or use RFID reader to scan the RFID code and get immediate access to the equipment’s documents.