In Onix Express' Documents module, the term "Equipment ID" should be explained

Express users may not be acquainted with Onix system, so they may not understand that equipment ID includes serial number, batch number, equip. owner’s ID or even production year. Can we find a way to explain this information in the search panel?

Some suggested solutions:

  • Change to the term “Any ID”
  • Keep “Equipment ID” so that it’s consistent with Onix Work, but we add one more line to explain: (Serial no., Batch no., Equip. owner’s ID, Production year)

We use Id in Onix Work for the best Id. Id can be: Equipment Id, serial or batch. This method is also used on many forms. It should be easy to understand Id🤗

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.

This product idea will be implemented in the upcoming Winter 2024 release.

Thank you for your idea to make Onix Express more efficient.
I am pleased to inform you that an explanation of the term “ID” is added in Onix Express in the latest version published recently.