Our customer have problem to search up when some equipments has been change afterward

Why can`t they search up the doc when a new id, batch or serial no has been change?

That will be a problem for onix express customer to search up the doc. they need?

Often is that the equipment has been bought and they have updated or register this with their number. Then when the equipment is been bought, the new customer want to have their own id, serial or batch and we change this for them. but the problem is that when they try to search up with the new id or serial or batch it won’t come up any doc because the equipment has been reg the first time with another no. Please consider to change this so our customer can get their doc. often it is people who work offshore and they can only see physical what the equipment is marked with. and if it has been change any id or serial they can`t track the old one (first registered number) , because the new id is marked on the equipment.


  • It should be possible to search up the doc. that is registered in onix. Not the first time the equipment has been reg. but what it is registered right now in onix.

  • If we update something in onix, then it should be possible for onix express customer to search this up also:)

  • we change a container id nr all the time, because when a customer buy a container they want to have their own id nr.

  • This happens all the time. Then we have to take a copy of the old container that is registered in onix and register a new container just because they have change their id nr. so they can search up the doc. I hope you understand the problem here.

  • Also with shackles. Often when we inspect some shackles, some customer want us to give these shackles an unique nr also. not only batch no. We update these shackles who is already registered in onix with unique no. but they can’t search this up.

  • Same here! Onix has to be more user friendly for our customers and it should be possible to change ID on an item and easy to find afterwords.The way it is now we have to help out our customers to find their documents all the time and that means be available 24/7 since the offshore industry never sleeps.

When we add documents manually to an equipment in Onix Work, the following message will be given to the user adding the document “The document will be stored on the equipment, as well as being searchable against the equipment’s current information.”

The same will happen when you file a job, the documents created will then be searchable against the equipment’s current information when the document was created.

For member companies they can always serach after the current equipment id in the equipment module and the documents related will all be available, also the documents where the equipment id is different from the current Equipment id on the equipment.

In Document module and in Onix Express we search after documents and that is why we search after the equipment details on the equipment when the pdf document was created.

It is logical when searching for documents to serach after the text in the document you search for.

If we change like you suggest in this product idea other users will be confused when sitting with a certificate (pdf document) and see the equipment id on the document but do not get any result when searching because this has been changed after the document was created.

Some tip to how the user can find the documents:

  • The customers can buy member access and then it will be no problem to find equipment with related documentation when the equipment identity has been changed.

  • In Onix Express can they use other search fields e.g. the order number, type/model fields or created date in order to limit the list of possible documents.

  • Another possibility is if the equipment is tagged with QR and/or RRFID. They can scan the QR code with camera on their phone and all the related document for this equipment will be available for the user.

We will keep this suggestion open for a while an hopefully get more input

More comments related to this product idea.

The main idea in Onix Work related to “Serial no./Batch no” is that this field is fixed/permanent. This is the number given by the producer of the equipment.

The field “Owners equipment id” is meant used for the purpose you describe, when the equipment owner want their own id on the equipment and this may vary over time as the equipment “move around”.

Can it be a solution for you to keep the “Serial no./Batch no” unchanged and only insert the customers id in the “Equipment Owners id” field.

The customer will then always be able to search after documents using the serial number because this is unchanged. This serial number must then be available on the container for the customer in addition to the “equipment’s owner id”.

(And also remember that if you tag the container with a QR code the documentation will always be available not matter what ID you have changed.)

I am not sure if I understand why to need to make a copy of the container. If the purpose is to be able to search after the equipment using the owners equipment id you can create new inspection reports and certificates after the Equipment owner id is updated on the existing container in Onix Work and set the old document inactive and hidden for customer.