Restrict users from inspecting specific equipment (mandatory inspections)?

How can I restrict users from inspecting some type of equipment when it comes to mandatory inspections?

You can decide which type of equipment the inspectors are allowed to inspect on either user or company level.

1. On User level (Settings > Users & Roles > Control Categories)

In Onix Work, without the permission on the correct control categories, the inspector will get a warning message when creating and file the job as below. However, if they confirm, they are still able to go ahead creating or filing jobs.


Similarly, in Onix Inspection, the inspector can create a job regardless of their Control Categories after confirming the warning message. However, these jobs will not be filed automatically during upload. They have to be filed from Onix Work.

For example: the inspector has permission to inspect equipment belonging to G2 and G3. He is still able to create jobs for G1 but has to file this job from Onix Work.

Note: these Control Categories are checked against the permission of login account, the “Done by” or “Approved” field on jobs are not checked.

2. On Company level (Settings > Connected companies > Control Categories)

In Onix Work, without the correct permission on Control Categories, the inspector is still able to create and file jobs as long as he confirms to proceed in the warning message.

In Onix Inspection, the inspector can create and upload jobs to Onix Work. However, these jobs cannot be filed either upon upload or within Onix Work (as the File button is disable). In that situation, the equipment owner needs to correct the control categories granted for the inspector company. Then the inspector can file these jobs.

Note: in Onix Inspection, the Inspector needs to download company data again so that the latest settings come into effect.