Add Contact and Owner’s Equipment ID to the product’s rules

To increase data consistency in equipment creation and delivery, we’re introducing 2 extra fields in the product’s rules: Contact and Owner’s equip. ID. However, the Owner’s equip. ID operates differently within the rules.

Let’s take a closer look!

Important note for the Owner’s equip. ID field

  • The rule for the Owner’s equip. ID field is only applicable when you create new equipment, copy equipment or edit equipment details in the Equipment module.
  • Since Owner’s equip. ID is not used by every company, the rule set in product is NOT applicable when you number to-be-delivered equipment in Onix Work’s Orders module or in Onix Tag application.

For other fields

For most fields including Contact, you can define which fields are mandatory during the new equipment registration.

  • Mandatory: Information MUST be filled out; otherwise:
    • If you’re using the Orders module, the order CANNOT be processed.
    • If you’re creating or copying equipment in the Equipment module, the equipment CANNOT be saved.
  • Optional: The order can be processed and the new / copied equipment can be saved, no matter if the field is filled out.
  • Read-only: The equipment will get a pre-defined value from product, and you CANNOT edit that pre-defined information in the order or the new equipment.