Copy equipment functionality

Miss some functionality related to Copy

  • copy equipment, why cannot all fields be copied, I guess it will only be Serial and Onix ID which need to be unique.

Often only minor changes in e.g. the Owners id shall be done and it will be easier then to just change the number instead of inserting it all. Like it is now we need to copy/paste the missing info when creating new equipment using Copy Equipment

  • Miss the possibility to copy fields from the equipment list, like type, model, QR code. I need this when sending job orders or when sending equipment info to our users

(Feedback from Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021 / Equipment Owner)

  • For the 1st idea: Serial no. is originally designed NOT to be duplicated so that its uniqueness is preserved.
  • For the 2nd idea: in Spring 1 Release 2023, the Modern Equipment module has been enhanced to allow copying equipment information in the Table layout easily.