Roll on with Products module

To ensure the registration of equipment is correct and consistent, we recommend that you establish a set of products containing the appropriate default values in Products module.

1. Create a product

Product is a template used to create similar equipment. To create a product:

  • Click New at the top left corner → Insert product number → Save.
  • Select Use from Equip. so that you can use the product when creating new equipment in the Equipment module.
  • Select Download to Onix Inspect to use it in Onix Inspect or Onix Transfer.
  • In the Orders section up which information and actions that should happen when product is used for creating equipment in Orders module.

To optimize the product’s efficiency, navigate to each tab and set default values. This minimizes the manual effort of filling in equipment’s or order lines’ information.

2. Delete a product

Products that have been used for generating equipment cannot be deleted.
However, you can always set a product\s status to Inactive to ensure that it cannot be used anymore.

3. Create product group

A product group is a master product to which a collection of other products that share common traits connected. The product group then serves as a group head, from which all the group members can be managed.

Here’s how:

  • Open a product, activate the Product Group checkbox. Then you have a group head to which product members can be connected.

  • If you already have non-grouped products that you want to group, simply select them and select Create Product Group option in the multi-select menu and enter the Product Group name.
    • A new Product Group will be created as the “head” of the new group.
    • If the selected products share the same value for a certain field, the Product Group will automatically fill in that field with the shared value.

3.1. Add product member to product group

  • Open a product, check the Connected Group checkbox and search for the corresponding product group.

Another way is to select one or more non-grouped products and select Connect to Product Group option in the multi-select menu.

3.2. Removing a product from a group

  • Switch to Group mode in View Mode
  • Select the product members you want to remove by clicking the checkbox to their left.
  • Click on Remove in the toolbar.

When removing a product from a group you will get the option to set it as Inactive to prevent that product from further use.

4. Set up rules for orders

Tab Rules helps you set rules on each product to save time working with orders.

4.1. Custom serial numbers format

This field is designed for quickly customizing serial numbers in orders.

  • Insert your custom format for prefix and suffix on the product.
  • When you are filling out equipment information in orders, you have Prefix/Suffix ready to use. The only job left is filling out serial number.

4.2. Set product rules to define mandatory fields during equipment registration

You can define which fields are mandatory or optional during the new equipment registration.

  • Mandatory: Information MUST be filled out in order to process the order.
  • Optional: The order can be processed no matter if the field is filled out.
  • Read-only: The equipment will get a pre-defined value from product, and you CANNOT edit that pre-defined information in the order.

You can choose to hide Serial number, Batch number or Production year in order lines by un-checking the box Show in numbering.

5. Link checklist to products

You can link a checklist to one or several specific products.

  • Go to SettingsChecklists → Select the wanted checklist
  • In the Checklist detail panel, go to the Linked to section —> Select the wanted type of linked item; here we’ll choose “product” —> a relevant panel is opened.


  • Click on “Add products” —> Browse and tick the wanted items —> Save.
  • You can set the checklist as default for certain products, so that the checklist always appears first in the list of checklists:
    • Select one or multiple products —> Set as default —> the green icon
      will appear next to the product.
    • To revert the action, select the wanted item —> click on **Remove as default **—> the green icon is removed.

Important note

  • When the checklist(s) is connected to specific products, it will be available for these products only.
  • If the checklist is not connected to any items, it is available for all equipment and NOT be limited to any products.