Onix Worker – Equipment tile – Make it more clear for the user when Equipment is not valid for use

Reported from customer in Salesforce/Case 86485

As a user I scan the QR code with the camera on my phone and I can see this equipment in Onix Worker as a guest user with access to related documentation.

For the user it will only be the small icons in the upper right corner in the Equipment tile telling if this is valid for use or not. (Issue symbols (status and due date) and/or mandatory inspection due date symbol.

Can we make it more clear for the user that this equipment is not valid for use. (E.g. change background colour for equipment to red, a bigger symbol/text indicating “not valid for use” related to the equipment which is easy to see while working outdoors in rain and snow, …)

Hi @randi.egeland
Thank you for this great suggestion.
I have added this to the list and will get back to you with updates on progress.
Best regards, Fredrik