Old Jobs module in Onix Work is retired from 15.12.2023

:loudspeaker: Effective 15.12.2023, the old Jobs module will be phased out after years of dedicated service. Following this date, the module will no longer be accessible.

Recognizing the significance of the old Jobs module in your daily operations, on 10.11.2023, we excitedly introduced its successor - the new Jobs module with:

  • Customizable views and filters to manage a large number of jobs
  • Table as the new list view layout
  • The ability to fill in a checklist’s status directly from the Jobs module

Please note that the new Jobs module is continuously developed to improve your experience with its speed, efficiency and user-friendliness. Therefore, we warmly welcome all feedback and suggestions in the Product ideas

:pushpin: To explore more about the new Jobs module’s capabilities, visit our Knowledge base

:pushpin: For any further assistance, ask a question in Onix Community or reach out to us at support@onix.com.