I would like to be able to change the UOM in the order module

For instance, sometimes we need to deliver chain. Which we do in meters (mtr).

I’d like to specify the UOM, either PCS or MTR in our case, in the product settings.


  • That is the problem we’re having we CANT change the UOM. As it defaults to PCS. So whenever we sell chain, we have to sell for example 200 PCS instead of 200 mtr.
  • How he’s inputting the UOM in Onix Work:
    • First off, i edited my messages to show pcs instead of EA since onix shows pcs.
      Yeah so, when adding the products under “order lines” i can only add a value to "Quantity (pcs): " We need a way to change “pcs” to “mtr” and/or other UOMs.

A workaround at the moment:

  • In case you want to deliver 1 chain with 50 meters length, you can input quality (pcs) as 1. Then, you can add a property for that chain as length(m) in the properties tab, and input the value of 50.
  • It can also work in the case you want to deliver an order containing 8 chains with 50 meters length.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.
If you have any inputs, we’d love to hear them :blush: