How to configure profile for Blueberry UHF scanners

Before you start

  1. Plug the USB cable to connect the scanner to your PC

  2. Download the application using this link:

  3. Unzip the file and run TT_RFID_Configurator.exe

  4. Select the device name in Device selection . If the signal icon is red, the scanner is not connected, click Rescan , then click Connect to Device

  5. When the signal turns green and the scanner is connected, click Read config

During configuration

  1. When the configuration is read, it may look like this

  1. Select the target profile
  • If you want to use the scanner in Onix Inspect, select HID in Profile
  • If you want to use the scanner in Onix Inspection, select SPP in Profile


  • If you prefer to have a sound upon hitting result, please select 0 - beep/led on in Local
  • Otherwise, select 1 - beep/led off
  1. Click Write conf. A pop-up will be shown asking you to reboot the device, click OK

  2. Click Close Connection

  3. Unplug the cable or hold the button in the scanner for 2 sec until the blue light disappears.

Note: If you see the error message as below display when trying to connect, please disconnect the scanner from your phone.

After configuration (optional)

You may want to verify if the new configuration is up, in that case
11. Plug the USB cable into PC and click Connect to device again
12. Click Read conf and verify