Supported scanners in Onix Inspect

Previously, scanners needs to be configured to a specific profile to work with Onix Inspection. With Onix Inspect, any scanners with HID mode can be used directly.

  • Advantages : most scanners in the market have HID profile built-in and activated as default. This means users have many choices to choose from.
  • Disadvantages : some specific readers are no longer supported or needs re-configuration to use in Onix Inspect.

In details,

  • Icekey and Blueberry iS UHF (used for iOS devices) are not supported in Onix Inspect
  • Blueberry HS UHF (used for PC) needs to be reconfigured to HID profile. You can see the instructions here

Please be noted that once the reader is in HID profile, it couldn’t be used in Onix Inspection. Please make sure you configure it properly before switching back. Otherwise, you may encounter a performance issue.