[iOS] HID scanner doesn't work properly when the setting "Full keyboard access" is turned on

The settings “Full keyboard access” in Apple devices is causing HID scanners working improperly in Onix Inspect.

Reproduce :

  1. Turn on this settings in the device
  2. Connect the scanner to the device via Bluetooth
  3. Then you will see a blue frame appeared in the screen.
  4. Open Onix Inspect
  5. In Equipment, tap the scan button
  6. Scan a valid tag to find equipment

Expected results :

  • The equipment is found

Actual result :

  • Nothing happens.
  • The user stays in the scanning screen


Root cause:

The purpose of this setting is to help users who uses an external keyboard navigate around without touching the screen.

When it is turned on, the device recognizes HID scanner as an external keyboard and tries to show the user which control is being focused on the screen with the blue frame. For example:


This creates an issue in Onix Inspect when scanning. Instead of focusing on the correct control to receive input from the scanner and return results, it focuses on something else that we cannot see on the interface.

That’s why Onix Inspect cannot get the value of the tag and stay on the scanning screen.

Temporary workaround :

Turn off this setting when using Onix Inspect.