[iOS] Screen keyboard is not available when iPhone/iPad is connected with a scanner

When your iPad/iPhone is connected with an external scanner, it will start receiving input from the external scanner - and the screen keyboard is disabled

When the external is disconnected, the screen keyboard is enabled again.

You can find more details about this in this thread.

Today we have the explanation and solution for iPad as below:

  • When your iPad/iPhone is connected to an external scanner and the scanner is configured as a Human Interface Device (HID mode), the scanner will look like an external keyboard for your iPad/iPhone.
  • Therefore, your iPad/iPhone will then hide the ordinary on-screen keyboard. If you turn off the scanner or disconnect the scanner from your iPad/iPhone, your ordinary on-screen keyboard will display as normal again.

However, if you are using iPad, you will always have a menu showing where the ordinary on-screen keyboard usually is located. Here you can choose manually to show the on-screen keyboard at all time - see screenshot below.


Hope this will help :blush: