Auto-update due dates of mandatory roadworthiness test (”EU test”) from to vehicles

If a vehicle is registered in Norway, it must undergo the EU-Mandatory roadworthiness test (hereby referred to as EU test). When registered in Onix Work and assigned a system property called License plate number, it automatically receives the due date of EU test from, saving you time and effort of manual input. As the due date is seamlessly integrated into the Mandatory inspection 2-year interval, equipment data always stay up-to-date.

1. Configuration

To start using the License plate number property:

  • Go to the Settings module → External data sourcesStaten vegvesen configuration.
  • Change the configuration to Active.
  • Assign the main contact responsible for this service.

As a result, a new system property called License plate number is created.

2. Add Vehicle Identification Number to equipment

In the Equipment module:

  • Select one equipment → Scroll to the Properties section → Edit.
  • Add a property → Find and select License plate number → Enter the relevant value → Save.
  • Based on the License plate number value, a Mandatory inspection with a 2-year interval and the due date taken from website will be added automatically.

What if your equipment already has a 2-year interval of mandatory inspection?
In that case:

  • If the due date is OVERDUE, the due date will be updated from
  • Otherwise, if the due date is GOOD or CLOSE TO DUE DATE, the due date will not be updated from
    • After the equipment is inspected and provided with a new due date by, the new due date will be updated automatically to the 2-year interval.

Important note

  • The service will be updated at midnight every day (Norwegian time).
  • The service is not applicable for: sub equipment, consumable equipment and stock equipment.
  • Every vehicle, regardless of its specific interval requirement (1, 2, 4, or 5 years), will be assigned a 2-year mandatory inspection job interval.
  • The most recent due date from the Statens Vegvesen system will be automatically updated in this 2-year mandatory inspection job interval field.