Set due date as fixed

Today the due date is updated in relation to the job date and the set interval.

It should be possible to set a fixed due date, for example 01.01 every year regardless of job date.

Comment from a user of Aker Solutions AS - Div. EGR; they use both Onix Work and Onix Inspect for inspections.

  • This would be very helpful. At the moment I change the due date on every single job preformed/entered into Onix work. At our yard we only use the annual inspection color (no oblate) on the lifting equipment, and from the 1st of March this year we only allow equipment with the color yellow to be used. If I inspect an equipment in December this will still need to be inspected within the overlap period between January and March to get the correct color for use.
  • When I enter an inspection into Onix Inspect I go afterward into Onix Work to correct the due date for the next inspection.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.

We have discussed this internally again and we do not have any specific plans of implementing your suggestion in near future. But we like this idea and will keep it in mind for future functionality.

For additional information, we now have the possibility to select many equipment and update the Mandatory due date for ALL the selected equipment in one operation in the equipment module. You do not have to update this one by one on each equipment as earlier. You may search for a specific location and/or type of equipment, select them all, and update due mandatory date.