Swipe to go back

I propose a feature to swipe to “go-back” to enhance the user experience. Please see attached video for demonstration.

While I was originally considering this for the Onix Worker app, it seems applicable for all Onix mobile apps.

Thank you @erlend.anfinsen for your great suggestion.
We are currently working on a Onix Worker 3.0 for the upcoming Autumn release. Your suggestion will be considered as a new feature in this release.
Will keep you updated on progress!

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@fga please consider the Back button of Android phones too.

Some Android phones have a built-in Back button.

From my experience with other apps, pressing Back means returning to the previous step.

However in Onix Inspect, currently, pressing Back is understood as “Closing the application”.
If I habitually press Back, I get the confirmation message and have to choose “Cancel”. Then I have to move my finger to the top of the screen and press <.

That’s 3 taps in total. This can become frustrating when I quickly switch between steps to check job or equipment details.

It’ll be much smoother to just press Back to return to the previous step in any mobile apps.

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Certainly good input with regard to Android! :clap: @phuong.duong