Summer 2 2022 release notes

Release date: 10.06.2022.

With this release on Jun 10, 2022, the new Onix Worker mobile app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The new Onix Worker app has a brand new look and features that keep up to date with Onix Inspect and Onix Tag. Onix Work and other apps also have different important enhancements based on your needs and feedback.


Log in with Single-Sign-On (SSO)

The new Onix Worker is the first application applying Onix Work Single Sign-On (SSO). Onix Work SSO is the start of a seamless authentication experience across all applications of the Onix platform. In order to log in to Onix Worker, you can keep using your existing login credentials on Onix Work, or, you can use Microsoft identity as another method. Log in with your Microsoft work, school, or personal account is a simple, secure way to sign in to Onix Worker. You can check with your IT administrator to see if your organization supports the Microsoft Identity Platform.

Web-version vs Mobile app version

The new Onix Worker web-version only supports anonymous users to view the equipment information and documentation via an URL. With the built-in camera (or NFC scanner) of the mobile phone, users are able to read QR codes or NFC tags and open Onix Worker on the web.

On the other hand, the Onix Worker mobile app supports authenticated users only. Onix Worker mobile app includes all functions needed to manage, do maintenance, and handle issues on your equipment.

If you have already installed the Onix Worker app on your mobile phone, you can open the app directly while you are viewing equipment on the web browser.

Improve the speed of filling checklists status

The speed of filling checkpoints has been improved and now is much faster. It goes down from 1.3 seconds to roughly 0.3 milliseconds per click.

Support a wide range of tags to identify equipment

In the previous release, besides the existing tags (QR, UF), we have introduced and supported HF tags with a wide range of tag contents in Onix Inspect. This experience is shared and consisted with Onix Worker, meaning the tags and scanner modes that work in Onix Inspect are also supported in Onix Worker.


We are proud to announce that the first version of Open API has been released. The API specification and the developer web page will be available here. In this version, our APIs support common integrations with main entities in our system. Customers are able to review and consume these APIs for future integrations.


From this release, we integrate with ABAX ( ) to get the location data of your equipment to Onix Work. ABAX delivers GPS devices that can be attached to your equipment. As the result, the location of equipment can be tracked using a map, and this map is shown in Onix Work and the Onix Worker app. You will be able to integrate ABAX with Onix Work when you have an ABAX account. This integration will send requests daily to get the location of your ABAX devices.

In order to support more solution providers like ABAX, Onix wants to learn more from our customers who are in the need of tracking location data of their equipment in Onix Work.


Move the “Let users view supplier documents” field to Settings

In an attempt to centralize all the settings in one place, the option for Let users view supplier documents has been moved from the Main to Settings tab under each company.

New column Equipment Active Status in Table Mode

Equipment Active Status has been added to the Table Setup in the Equipment module. You can turn it on and have the column displayed in your table view.

Equipment report performance and restriction

In this release, Onix Work put some limitations on the amount of equipment that can be selected when running the Equipment List and Document List report. This is an effort in avoiding unnecessary performance hits inside the Onix Work platform. Meanwhile, Onix is working on designing an advanced report and export data model to bring you a new experience. We really love to hear what you think of these features so it will be great if you use Onix Community to report a problem or provide suggestions to make things better.

  • Equipment List report: limit to 1000 items.
  • Document List report: limit to 1 item.

Support Finnish and German in some forms

We currently support Finnish in Inspection Report, Checklist, Quick Inspection, and Job Report.
Moreover, German is also available for Quick Inspection and Job Report now, besides the existing forms.


We really love to hear what you think of these features. Use the Get Help menu on Onix Inspect, Onix Tag, and Onix Worker to report a problem or provide us your suggestions.
Furthermore, you can also get advice from the community or get your questions answered on Onix Community - Get help and explore best practices in Onix apps.