Share option to notify a colleague about a piece of equipment?

Imagine I am discovering something worth notifying my manager or colleague about, immedeately. I pick up my handheld device, read the OnixID with my camera and open the equipment view on my screen. I add my “finding” to the product and I know it will be picked up by my manager later when he’s on Onix Work on a laptop.

My need though is to let him (or my close colleague) know about it immedeately. Just as I know how to share cat videos on social media, I’d like to share my finding by the click of a button.

The link opens to anyone, just like the OnixID would be open to anyone. Are you a user though, it’ll take you directly to my finding.

I hope I explained this in an OK manner. Happy to develop on it if needed.

Lars-Erik, Onix Oslo

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