Make the notification system better

Make it possible with push notifications for new issues generated by internal maintenance from checklists, and when generating a new issue.

Also setting up “contact person” for receiving these notifications by control category.

For example:

Daily checklists on control category “BKK”. When an issue is generated from the checklist the contact person in the workshop should be able to receive notifications only related to the control category “BKK”.

I would like to be notified every time a supplier delivers documentation/new equipment into Onix Work.

At the moment I only receive notice from company/supplier who use the ‘order module’. But there are several other suppliers do not use this. As I am not the only one ordering new equipment I loose track of incoming equipment and documentation.

Give more flexibility on alerts.

  • Preventive- and operative-maintenance alerts on all equipment
  • Include multiple people on location alerts
  • Set criteria on alerts. For example: “All equipment in control category R2 when due”

Imagine I am discovering something worth notifying my manager or colleague about, immedeately. I pick up my handheld device, read the OnixID with my camera and open the equipment view on my screen. I add my “finding” to the product and I know it will be picked up by my manager later when he’s on Onix Work on a laptop.

My need though is to let him (or my close colleague) know about it immedeately. Just as I know how to share cat videos on social media, I’d like to share my finding by the click of a button.

The link opens to anyone, just like the OnixID would be open to anyone. Are you a user though, it’ll take you directly to my finding.

I hope I explained this in an OK manner. Happy to develop on it if needed.

Lars-Erik, Onix Oslo

Hi, Would like to be able to set up a notification on “New equipment issues” so that the contact person on that equipment has the opportunity to receive notices, only on what they are listed as contact person on.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.
If you have any inputs, we’d love to hear them :blush:

I know that it’s under “user settings” I find alerts. I think that’s very hidden and should be placed elsewhere giving user the opportunity of creating useful alerts easier. My thinking is that when I work with the settings on issues or jobs, alerts should be easily available.

“When a worker stumbles across something that she wants to report as an issue, a notification should be sent to manager”, as an example.

That said, who sets up the alerts?
I have learned that it’s on an individual user level, meaning that everyone who wants to be alerted about something, need to go and figure this out themselves.

I tested it this week and proved to myself that an instant alert on an issue reported did not reach the recipient until 11:40 the next day; it was reported 10:58 the day before. That’s not instant; text should be changed to “next day”.