Summary report of Tool Store stock/consumable inventory

Currently Onix Work allows the contact person in Tool Store to be notified if the inventory of stock / consumable items falls below a certain custom threshold level.

My concern is that this will lead to large amounts of emails / notifications. Additionally, the Tool Store responsible will need to keep track of these items in a separate system / spreadsheet to be added to next Order from supplier. Could it be an idea to merge all of these notifications to one common Summary Report that is distributed on a e.g. weekly, 14 days or monthly basis?

That way there is less spam, and the responsible Tool Store owner does not necessarily have to keep track of this in a separate system.

The optimal scenario would be probably be API calls from Tool Store to the designated Supplier; auto-adding low-inventory equipment to the next Order. However, a more “low-hanging fruit” solution could be to just make summary reports.


Hi @erlend.anfinsen
Thank you for your product idea!
We are planning big changes to the way companies can setup alerts - Tool Store alerts included. Meaning they should be able to define alerts related to your suggestion.
This functionality is planned within the year.