[Product idea] On naming convention - Show Type's suggestion list in Onix Worker and Onix Inspect

Hello, I have a question about naming convention when adding new equipment.

When adding one piece of new equipment (from the +New button), I know that if I used Product, I’d be able to select and not worry about name of product or name of type. In this case Product is not possible to use, so we will allow adding new equipment without it.

That said, now anyone can write anything they want in the type field; we need them to follow a strict naming convention. I just discovered the “Suggestion List”, and that’s helpful. But the list does not behave the way we want.

Suggestion List can be edited by any role, which means anyone can add, remove and rename types.
Suggestion List does not appear on Worker or Inspector
Would it be possible to improve on this? Our customer would appreciate that a lot and it will minimize mess on naming.

Hi @lkh, I’m putting your product idea in this private category since it contains data of Equinor.
Hi @phuc.nguyen @fga, I’m assigining the product idea to your team, but feel free to edit the assignment if needed :blush:

Thank you for your idea to make Onix Work more efficient.
This idea will be implemented in our next release of Onix Work.
We will let you know when it is implemented.

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