Adding "tags" to pieces of equipment?

In case of a worldwide-based company, they have identical equipment across the world, but it’s all called by different names. One example is “head clamps”, which in USA can be called “dogs” or dog heads", while in Australia the identical head clamps are called “pigs”.

My idea is to add an optional field for “tags” that makes equipment searchable for workers that would never know that a clamp is a clamp; in their daily work that piece of gear is a “dog”, and they’ll never find it in Onix Worker or Onix Inspect, as they punch in “dog” in the search bar.

My example is real, though perhaps not really crucial. That said, tagging is widely used across the internet; perhaps it’s something for Onix users too?

Hi @lkh
Are you suggesting that we create a library of different “tags”, that the customer then can add to the equipment to allow for easier searching?