Manage multiple equipment pictures with ease

Introducing a significant enhancement to the equipment management experience: use the Tiles layout for a quicker glance at your equipment pictures however big the “gallery” is. Other minor but powerful enhancements with actions to multiple pictures are also implemented in this Winter 2024 Release to increase your efficiency.

1. New Tiles layout

As the new default layout, Tiles provides a grid of big-picture thumbnails, offering you quick and comprehensive glance at all images attached to the equipment. You can always switch back to the Split layout at will using the Layout button on the toolbar.

2. Sort pictures by date in Split layout

The current Split layout is also enhanced to present a clean list of pictures alongside their previews. It now supports sorting by date, providing you with greater flexibility in organizing pictures.

3. Bonus enhancements

  • The left-arrow and right-arrow keys get you to move between previous and next pictures without lifting a finger off the keyboard.
  • Uploading multiple pictures to one (or multiple) equipment is no longer a fantasy! Simply click on Add picture and select as many as 100 pictures to attach to your equipment.

  • Use fewer clicks to edit information of more than one pictures as you can select multiple items, hit Edit and insert new names in one go. This enhancement is available in both Tiles and Split layouts.

  • When selecting multiple equipment and click on Pictures on the toolbar, you will be presented with a list of images alongside their corresponding Equipment IDs. Therefore, you quickly and easily associate each picture with its respective equipment.