Make the Forgot password button more eye-catching

On the login page, the “Have you forgotten your password?” function, is placed below a few eye-catchers, leading to people having less chance of finding it. This function should therefor be placed right underneath the “Password” field, but above the “remember me on this unit” selection box. preferably placed midway under the “Password field” for maximum visibility. Also, adding a backdrop (3D shadow effect) to this function (and all other buttons in Onix), so it actually look like a button, would be helpful.

As my design teacher said: “The most important component in design is not the colours, but the contrasts between them. And the most effective contrast enhancing colour, is not Red, Yellow or Blue, but grey, the very absence of colour, and the essence of shade and shadow.”

The redesigned login page has come to life in Spring 2 2023 release.