[iOS] Unable to install or download customer data in Onix Inspect


For new users: After installing Onix Inspect from the App Store, you will see a blank white page.

For existing users who have the Onix Inspect in their device before: you cannot download new customer data. The existing data can be uploaded as usual, but you cannot download the latest data after upload.


We have submitted a new Onix Inspect to Apple Store and is waiting for approval. However, due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the States, the approval process may take longer than expected.

This makes the mobile version in your device outdated, but the backend is up-to-date, creating a mismatch between mobile version and backend.

When this would be fixed?

This will be fixed when the new version of Onix Inspect is approved by App Store. In normal condition, it may be approved during today November 26, 2021.

However, due to the holidays, Apple notice that this process might be slow during November 24-28, 2021.

Recommendation of Onix Inspect user who have downloaded customer data before

You can upload as normal. However, once uploaded, you cannot download data during this period. Therefore, you should not upload when you haven’t finished all inspections needed for the customer you have downloaded.

This issue is fixed as the new version of Onix Inspect - has been approved by App Store. Please upgrade the app in App Store before working.