Import and Export (Download and Upload) of customer data. Onix Inspect App on Android and iPhone

My company has quite a few customers in remote locations, both offshore and onshore. While performing inspections out on customer sites, we keep running into issues during upload or download of customer data.

The issue is that in some of these remote locations, the internet connection is often slow (45 minutes for downloading 5mb is not uncommon), plagued with frequent drop-outs, or non-existent. Even mobile coverage is not accessible some places.

Would it be possible to add a feature to Onix Inspect that allows for the user to select import / export of customer data from/to a file, rather than a web database?

This would help greatly in protecting against loss of data in cases where you drop or break your tablet / phone while doing inspections.

Saving said file could be done on a usb-drive, or a flash drive, inserted into the tablet, for transfer to a pc with wired connection, via attachment in a mail at a later time, or imported and uploaded within the Onix Inspect App…

The Onix Inspect app has the Backup and Restore feature. This will save the data that you worked on (new jobs, new equipment, new documents, new pictures…) to a zip file on your device.